frances leonardo, patient care coordinator hz plastic surgery

Frances Leonardo

Patient Care Coordinator/Surgical Tech

Our bilingual Patient Care Coordinator and Surgical Tech, Frances Leonardo, plays an integral role in each of our patients’ journey at HZ Plastic Surgery. Not only can she perform surgical consultations by providing helpful information and guidance, but she also provides Dr. Z with the necessary assistance in the operating room.

Frances Leonardo has an incredibly unique perspective with HZ Plastic Surgery as she not only works for our team, but has also been one of our Mommy Makeover patients. A few years ago, she was battling deep-rooted feelings of insecurity and depression and decided to make a drastic lifestyle change. Frances changed her diet, began working out, and decided to undergo a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Tummy Tuck by Dr. Z. Following her weight loss and surgical transformation, she rediscovered her love for life and most importantly… her love for herself.

Combining her depth of experience and her genuine understanding of our patients’ struggles, Frances provides the perfect balance of knowledge, guidance, and friendly support to each person that steps foot in our consultation room.

frances leonardo, patient care coordinator hz plastic surgery

Before Surgery + Weight Loss


“As a mother of 5 and 8 grandchildren, I reached my highest weight of 172 pounds at 5’3. I was battling depression, I was borderline diabetic, and my cholesterol had reached over 300. I couldn't even tie my shoes. My last concern was how I looked because I simply couldn’t bear the thought of myself. I was taking every type of med that you can think of to drown out my sorrow until I decided enough was enough. I deserved to feel great about myself and not shy away from the mirror. I threw away everything in my medicine cabinet in hopes of a new life.”

frances leonardo, patient care coordinator hz plastic surgery

After Weight Loss + Before Surgery


“In January 2016, I decided it was time to make a drastic change. I started shakeology, practiced meditation, and started going to the gym on a routine schedule. Then after working alongside Dr. Z for 3 months in the operation room as his surgical tech, I began to take note of how he paid attention to detail during each of his surgeries and how he expertly closed his incisions. I completely trusted him and decided to approach him about undergoing my very own Mommy Makeover - Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Tummy Tuck. And he said yes.”

frances leonardo, patient care coordinator hz plastic surgery

After Weight Loss + Surgery


“To say my life changed is an understatement – my life transformed. I have never had the confidence that I have now. I used to slouch to hide myself, but now I stand with confidence. Before my transformation, I used clothes to conceal my body, but now I am excited to embrace my body and piece together outfits that flatter my figure – I’m finally comfortable and proud in my own skin. Dr. Z beautifully erased a decade of shame, embarrassment, and discomfort for which I'm truly grateful. I thank him for what it feels like a brand-new life!”

When Frances called me back, I felt like I was talking to one of my friends. She was very thoughtful and very attentive when it came to listening to my wants and needs, I had absolutely no second thoughts when it came to booking my surgery.
— Nina P.