3 Of The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures For Men

Cosmetic surgery for men has greatly increased in popularity and it’s not just in the U.S., but around the world! We can imagine that number has only grown more since! If you’re a man who’s considering trying cosmetic surgery but isn’t sure which area to target, here are 3 of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men.

3 Types Of Tummy Tucks To Fit Your Needs

Are you starting to notice that your stomach isn’t as flat as it used to be? Perhaps you’re feeling self-conscious about excess fat, sagging muscles, or loose skin around the tummy region. Whether it’s caused by having a baby, surgery, gaining weight, aging, or losing weight rapidly, you’re not alone. Have you considered a tummy tuck?

The Benefits Of Thigh Lift Surgery

For most people, the inner thighs are extremely difficult to tone, even with diet and exercise. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get the look you want for your thighs, and relieve a bit of the friction. Here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll experience when you undergo a thigh lift surgery.

Venus Legacy & Venus Versa: Quick, Noninvasive Procedures To Help Get Your Body Beach-Ready

Extra pounds aren’t anything serious, but still, they may not be your idea of bikini (or speedo) ready! So, why not stop in to our plastic surgery clinic in Orlando for a Venus Legacy or Venus Versa treatment that will give you the summer bod you’re hoping for? No recovery time needed. Here are 4 ways our Venus Legacy and Venus Versa procedures target each of your “problem areas” and give your whole body a brand new feel, one that makes you want to show it off!

5 Blepharoplasty Surgery Myths Unmasked

A blepharoplasty, which is commonly referred to as an eyelid surgery, or an eyelid lift surgery, is a great fit for anyone who has and/or is self conscious about permanent bags under the eyes, excess eyelid skin, a tired or drooping gaze. Unfortunately, the procedure carries a few myths and misconceptions that often dissuades people from even considering the option. That is why we wanted to take some time to lay out these myths so that we can dispel them once and for all

5 Exclusive Perks Of Our HZ Signature Membership

At HZ Plastic Surgery, our Signature Membership is perfect for anyone who wants regular skin enhancements, fillers, injectables, spa services, contouring treatments, or even hair removal. The Signature Membership offers the best possible value for the services you already get on a regular basis, and it allows you the freedom to work towards getting the additional services and/or products you’ve always wanted.

Which To Pick: Local Vs General Anesthesia

At HZPS, we offer both general anesthesia and local anesthesia with sedation for most of our procedures. This usually depends on how extensive the surgery is. For example, larger scale plastic surgeries such as breast augmentations, brachioplasties, thigh lifts, and tummy tucks are usually done under general anesthesia. But, when a procedure is smaller, or only optional for general anesthesia, is it better to stick with local anesthesia with sedation or to opt for heavier duty general anesthesia? Read more to learn about the benefits of local vs general anesthesia.

One Patient's Neck Lift Surgery Journey at HZ Plastic Surgery

At 53 years old, our patient already looked pretty amazing, but she had some problem areas that were affecting her self esteem, so we decided to give her a mini neck lift to address her jowls, smile lines, and muscle banding in the neck. From there, she took it upon herself to track her entire neck lift surgery journey on RealSelf, a community-driven site for cosmetic treatment reviews, from the day the surgery date was set to about 10 days after the operation.

Plastic Surgery 101: Reconstructive Surgery Vs. Cosmetic Surgery

In the world of plastic surgery, many don’t realize that there are two different types of plastic surgery: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. So, we wanted to clear the air and explain the differences between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. While they do hold some basic similarities, such as improving a person’s body in one way or another, the two kinds of plastic surgery are differ largely in the reasons behind these improvements.

5 Things To Do While Recovering From Arm Lift Surgery

For some people, a full week confined to bed might sound like a nightmare. There’s only so much you can do to entertain yourself, right?  While you’re recovering, here are some of the things you could do to stay entertained while on the road to full recovery.

Plastic Surgery 101: How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

Popular culture often tends to glamorize women who have large breasts but, as many women know, in reality, having very large breasts can pose many discomforts. If you’re thinking about getting a breast reduction procedure done all this may sound great, but what you’re probably wondering the most is, “how does breast reduction work?” Well, let’s go over that.

Types Of Labiaplasty Surgery: Understanding Your Options

Getting the best possible labiaplasty results goes beyond choosing a great plastic surgeon — like board-certified Dr. Z — and going to an accredited clinic like HZ Plastic Surgery, it’s also about choosing the labiaplasty technique that will best achieve your desired final result. If you’re considering getting a labiaplasty, here is everything you need to know about the three labiaplasty surgery techniques we offer.

Everything You Need To Know About Body Contouring Treatments

Just because you don’t have the time or means necessary to undergo plastic surgery does not mean all hope is lost! At HZ Plastic Surgery, we’re happy to offer a more accessible, minimally invasive, non-surgical option to get rid of stubborn belly fat: body contouring treatments! 

Top 5 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal isn’t exactly a new thing, and we’re sure you’ve heard of it at some point, but it’s hard to grasp how many benefits you can reap from laser hair removal until you’ve tried it on yourself. Here are 5 benefits of laser hair removal that will make you love your body-hair-free life!

7 Types Of Chemical Peels That Will Leave Your Face Feeling Like New

When people choose to fulfill their beauty needs at our plastic surgery clinic in Orlando, they’re not only looking at our plastic surgery services. In fact, many of our best clients come in to try some of our wonderful MedSpa services, including our different types of chemical peels. We have seven different kinds of chemical peels to suit our clients’ every need. Interested in trying one out? Here’s everything you need to know about our chemical peels.

Five Cosmetic Surgeries That Men Love

If you’re a man who's considering undergoing cosmetic surgery, just know you’re not alone. Over the past few years, there have been numerous men requesting these five different procedures in our plastic surgery clinic in Orlando. So, let's chat about the most popular options!

Using Med Spa Treatments To Get Rid Of Acne

Ready to tackle your acne once and for all? We have a full line of pharmaceutical aesthetic services is equipped to handle even your toughest acne problems. Below are some of the med spa treatments available at our medical spa in Orlando , including facials, chemical peels, and microneedling.

Breast Implants 101: What Are The Different Types Of Breast Implants

If you’re thinking about getting a breast augmentation, you’re going to want to know as much as possible about the different types breast implants. We’ve gathered information about each kind of breast implant along with the pros and cons of each option.

5 Surprising Ways In Which Botox Is Used

Aside from its cosmetic benefits, Botox is used to treat over 20 medical conditions, including eye disorders, overactive bladders, underarm sweating, erectile dysfunction, and muscle spasms. Here is a list of 5 major medical conditions that Botox is being used to treat: