Brazilian Butt Lifts: The Benefit Of Fat Transfer Over Implants

Chances are if you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift, you have a few questions about how the procedure works, the output, and why the Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular procedures in America. Below, we’ll answer some of your questions about the benefits of this fat transfer procedure over a traditional implant that hopefully help you make the decision on whether or not the Brazilian butt lift is right for you!

How Much Does A Boob Job Cost?

How much does a boob job cost on average? Although there is not a single, standard boob job price, they typically cost between $3,000 and $11,000. For people who don't just have an extra few thousand dollars laying around, there is good news: The average price for boob jobs has been dropping.

The Top Plastic Surgery Procedures In 2018

2018 was a huge year for plastic surgery, with large increases across the board in the number of procedures performed in the United States as well as worldwide. Of the almost 2 million procedures performed over the year, we will look at the most popular plastic surgery procedures of 2018 and share our predictions for trends in the New Year.

7 Types Of Chemical Peels That Will Leave Your Face Feeling Like New

When people choose to fulfill their beauty needs at our plastic surgery clinic in Orlando, they’re not only looking at our plastic surgery services. In fact, many of our best clients come in to try some of our wonderful MedSpa services, including our different types of chemical peels. We have seven different kinds of chemical peels to suit our clients’ every need. Interested in trying one out? Here’s everything you need to know about our chemical peels.

5 Question About Laser Hair Removal Answered

Could flawless, fuzz-free skin be in your future this holiday season? Laser hair removal has been a growing trend over the last decade as a way to ditch the razor and waxing appointments for good. It’s become one of the most common aesthetic procedures in the country. Before you take the plunge into the smooth world of laser hair removal, you probably have some questions. Let’s answer some of the most-asked questions about the laser hair removal process. 

Open Letter: How A Mommy Makeover Emotionally & Physically Changed My Life

Our Patient Care Coordinator and long time patient, Frances Leonardo, opens up about her battle with deep rooted insecurity, feelings of depression, and her struggle to feel confident in her own body. Read her open letter as she discusses her difficult past, decision to undergo a Mommy Makeover, and emotional/physical transformation.

Plastic Surgery: Why It’s The Perfect Christmas Gift

When it comes to holiday gifts for the special people in your life you may have a list of items like electronics or clothes or gift cards, but one idea you may have missed is the gift of plastic surgery. If you’re looking to gift plastic surgery in Orlando, here are some great procedures available at HZ Plastic Surgery that would make wonderful gifts this holiday season:

Top 5 Procedures To Get You Looking Your Best This Holiday Season

It’s time for many people’s favorite part of the year – holiday season! This is also a great time of the year to treat yourself to the procedure you’ve been wanting and waiting for. After all, it’s the season of giving, so it’s time to give yourself a well-deserved gift to get you looking your best. Here’s a list of the top 5 procedures that can help reshape and get you to looking your best for the holidays.

Tummy Tuck VS Liposuction: Which Is Right For You?

What is the best procedure to help you get a youthful, flat stomach: tummy tuck vs liposuction? Tummy tucks and liposuction can both be extremely effective procedures for helping you improve your midsection. When deciding which one is right for you, it is helpful to examine the differences between the two surgeries and how they affect different issues.

Eyelid Surgery: Everything You Need To Know About Blepharoplasty

eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, what is blepharoplast, how does eyelid surgery work

Blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to give a patient a fresher more rejuvenated by removing bags or excess skin from under the eyelids.

As a person ages, the eyelid muscles become weaker and the eyelids themselves begin to stretch. As a result, excess fat deposits can form above and below the eyes. These fat deposits can cause bags under the eyes, drooping upper eyelids, and sagging eyebrows. These symptoms can cause a person to look older, and many people do not like that. The symptoms can also damage a person’s peripheral vision, making it harder for the patient to see above or to the sides of themselves. This narrow field of vision can get in the way of people’s lives.

What Is An Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty surgery, is a minimally invasive way to combat these negative effects of aging. The incisions used to perform eyelid surgery are small and typically unnoticeable after the procedure is done. The surgeon can perform a blepharoplasty on the upper lids only, lower lids only, or both. Blepharoplasty can also be done in conjunction with other cosmetic facial procedures such a chemical peel, face-lift, or brow lift, in order to give the patient a more complete youthful look.

If getting both upper and lower lids done, the surgeon will do the upper lids first. He/she will cut along the fold of the eyelid and remove excess skin, muscle, or fat and then reseal the incision. For the lower lid, the surgeon makes the incision just below the lashes in the natural crease of the eyelid. The surgeon then removes or redistributes the excess tissue and simply closes the incision. 

The procedure itself typically takes less than two hours. It is an effective and relatively easy procedure for patients who feel that the bags and excess skin above and below their eyes makes them look older, tired, or burned out. If you feel self conscious about the appearance of your eyelids, then this may be the perfect procedure for you. 

After Surgery

Following the procedure, a patient is typically instructed to apply lubricating ointment and cold compresses to his/her eyes in order to aid the recovery process and combat swelling. It is normal for a patient to experience some bruising, swelling, dry eyes, or minor pain after the procedure, but these symptoms usually subside quickly. In some cases, a physician may recommend that gauze be applied to the eyes for a short amount of time following the surgery.

Recovery times are determined on a case by case basis, but it is extremely important to follow all of your physician’s instructions regarding recovery and maintenance of the incisions. Many doctors recommend that a patient avoid smoking, rubbing his/her eyes, applying contact lenses, swimming, and strenuous activity after a blepharoplasty. If you have any questions regarding the dos and don’ts of your recovery, then you should always ask your surgeon. Some patients have found it helpful to wear dark sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun and wind.

Eyelid Surgery Orlando

If you are sick and tired of the negative effects of your drooping or sagging eyelids, then you can visit HZ Plastic Surgery and talk to Dr. Z about blepharoplasty. He and his staff are highly trained and can surely answer any of your questions regarding eyelid surgery. Ask him about combining blepharoplasty and other cosmetic facial procedures for a full, age-defying makeover.

Should I Get A Face Lift Or A Brow Lift?

What is the best cosmetic procedure to help you get a youthful, glowing, wrinkle-free face: brow lift or face lift? Both procedures can be very helpful in achieving a more youthful face. When deciding which procedure is right for you, it is important to examine the differences between the two surgeries and their different effects on parts of the face.

The Benefits Of Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure very similar to arm lift surgery. The thigh lift, or thighplasty, aims to remove excess skin, fat, and tissue from the thighs to reveal a fitter, more toned upper leg. Learn more about how a thigh lift works, the benefits of a thigh lift, and what makes you a candidate for thigh lift surgery.

Plastic Surgery 101: How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

Popular culture often tends to glamorize women who have large breasts but, as many women know, in reality, having very large breasts can pose many discomforts. If you’re thinking about getting a breast reduction procedure done all this may sound great, but what you’re probably wondering the most is, “how does breast reduction work?” Well, let’s go over that.

Female To Male Top Surgery 101: Everything You Need To Know

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Making the decision to undergo Female to Male (FTM) Top Surgery is not easy, even if you know it’s what you want. Despite huge strides regarding people’s perception and understanding of transgender individuals, the fight to end unjustified stigmas and discrimination is not over. If you’ve made the decision to transition, our team is here to help and we acknowledge your bravery.

At HZ Plastic Surgery Orlando, our staff and board-certified plastic surgeon understand that committing to any elective surgery is a huge decision, particularly so when it comes to gender transition surgery. We recognize the emotional journey and we’re committed to doing our best to help you through it. So, here is everything you need to know about the female to male top surgery in Orlando.

What Is FTM Top Surgery

Female-to-male top surgery is a gender reassignment procedure that involves a Subcutaneous Mastectomy, which removes breast tissue. The procedure transforms our patient’s in order to reveal a masculine chest that appropriately represents their gender identity.

Aside from removing the patient’s breasts, the procedure may re-adjust and/or reshape the nipples. Larger breasts typically require nipple readjustment and/or reshaping while smaller breasts may not. The reshaping style can be selected by the patient beforehand to match their ideal results.

FTM Top Surgery Incision Options

Selecting the right female-to-male top surgery incision can help you achieve your ideal shape and feel of your chest post-surgery. These incision types vary according to whether you want to reshape, resize, or reposition the nipples. Other considerations include the post-surgery shape of pecs, amount of scarring, and the amount of nipple sensitivity you wish to retain. These options can be discussed during the initial consultation.

HZ Plastic Surgery in Orlando offers the following incision types:

  • Buttonhole Technique

  • Double Incision Technique

  • Inverted-T Technique

  • Keyhole Technique

  • Peri Areola Technique

FTM Top Surgery Candidacy

At HZ Plastic Surgery Orlando, we try to ensure that our patients are making the decision to have plastic surgery for the right reasons. Undergoing plastic surgery is a physical and emotional journey that should always be the patient’s decision.

If you identify with the following sentiments, you may be an ideal candidate for FTM Top Surgery:

  • You’ve considered the emotional effects of FTM Top Surgery and you’re confident about permanently removing your breasts.

  • You feel that your breasts do not reflect your gender identity.

  • You acknowledge and accept the risk of losing sensitivity in your nipples.

  • You have found a surgeon that you’re comfortable with - they support your decision to undergo the surgery and to continue your transition thereafter.

FTM Top Surgery Financing Options

The cost of a female to male top surgery may vary depending on where you go and on what incision type you choose. We understand that not all insurance carriers cover the FTM Top Surgery, which is why we offer two different financing options.

Option 1: Our layaway plan is great for people who do not want to use credit or with those with poor credit. To use this option, simply pay a $500 deposit within 30 days of receiving your quote in order to lock in the rate. You will have 4 months from the date of your deposit to complete the total amount of the rate.

Option 2: Finance with United Medical Credit for affordable payment plans that you can comfortably cover over time.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive network of prime and subprime lenders

  • Multiple plans to choose from

  • Decisions within seconds

  • No Prepayment Penalties with Flexible Terms

  • Fast and Easy Application Process with No Commitment

  • 100% Confidential

  • Plans available for Credit Challenged Applicants

For a clear rate and more information on your FTM incision options, simply book a consultation with Dr. Z, our board-certified plastic surgeon.  

Frances Leonardo Now Accepting Consultations: Get In As Soon As Tomorrow!

So, who is Frances Leonardo and why did our plastic surgeon feel that she was qualified enough to start handling our patients during their initial consult? That’s easy – learn a bit more about Frances and the perks of booking with her.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Face Lift

face lift, face lift in orlando, HZ plastic surgery, how does a face lift work

Is it too soon to get a face lift? What will my family say? My friends? My co-workers? Will I look “unnatural” and “plastic-y”? Or will I look fresh and rejuvenated?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you’re not alone! Many patients feel unsatisfied with sagging skin, wrinkles, and/or various signs of aging. However, they are unsure what surgical or non-invasive options is right for them. Not every treatment is a good fit for every issue, so picking the right procedure is incredibly important! For example, a face lift in Orlando may be too aggressive for a few crow’s feet, but Botox may be underwhelming for excess sagging skin. If you’ve begun to consider a face lift, ask yourself the following questions below to confidently make the best decision for you: 

1) Do you know what exactly a face lift is?

Sure, a face lift is a great way to diminish wrinkles and droopy skin, but what does it entail? In other words, how does face lift surgery actually shed years off of patients? A standard face lift entails incisions around the temples, ears, and behind the ears, allowing your surgeon to minimize and reposition deeply-rooted facial tissue.

Excess flesh is removed as well, followed by excess skin. The remaining skin is then strategically positioned over its newly-formed, firm foundation. The skin covering the face is, as a result, notably smoother than the skin that was previously covering it. Note: Standard face lifts typically apply this procedure to the full face and neck. Contrastingly, mini face lifts generally apply this procedure strictly to the lower jaw and cheeks.

2) Do you know what exactly the implications of a face lift are?

So, what can you expect from your face lift results? Since sagging skin and wrinkles are a direct product of aging, you can bet that a face lift can make a patient look years younger.

Furthermore, talented plastic surgeons ensure that the patient’s skin looks strong and voluminous, rather than strained and artificially tight. Ultimately, going to the right surgeon can mean that a face lift can transform you into an undeniably more polished, radiant you.

3) Have you thoroughly thought through this, or are you making a spur of the moment decision?

Regardless of what plastic surgery procedure you choose to undergo, the most important thing is making sure that you’ve thought long and hard about the pros, cons, and costs associated with it, and are committed to making this change to your body. It’s easy to return a shirt that you bought on impulse, but your face is a different matter altogether. Our face lift patients are always thrilled with the results of their surgery, but we do encourage them to make sure they’re committed to the change before going under the scalpel.

When searching for the signs you need a face lift, be sure to research and understand the risks and complications associated with this procedure. Getting a face lift can be life changing in a great way, and if you’re interested in learning more about a face lift in Orlando, schedule a consultation with our chief plastic surgeon, Dr. Z, to discuss your thoughts, questions, and concerns.

How To Get Rid Of Acne: MedSpa Edition

Ready to tackle your acne once and for all? We have a full line of pharmaceutical aesthetic services that are equipped to handle even the toughest acne cases. Learn more about our MedSpa treatments recommended by our lead esthetician that have been effective in revealing smooth and healthy skin.

5 Eyelid Surgery Recovery Tips

Recovering from an eyelid surgery is a little unlike the recovery process for other plastic surgeries, mainly regarding the length of the recovery period and the unique aspects of the procedure. Whereas for most procedures, recovery involves relaxing and watching TV, a blepharoplasty recovery is a tad more challenging. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get through the eyelid surgery recovery process:

The Two Injectables You Need For Your Lip Enhancement Goals

At HZ Plastic Surgery, our lip enhancement injections reflect stunning, natural-looking results that look and feel consistent with the person’s face. To achieve these results, our ARNP Injection Specialist Michelle Fletcher typically turns to two lip enhancing options: Juvederm and Restylane. If you’re looking into getting lip injections, here is everything you need to know about Juvederm and Restylane.

Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Fat Transfer

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and pinched your love handles or gripped your tummy roll, wishing that extra bit of fat was in your butt instead? You’re not alone. Many patients actually want to avoid implants and don’t realize there’s another option - Fat Transfer allows you to remove fat from your “problem areas” and add it to your buttocks, breasts, or face. So, let’s go over what you need to know about getting a fat transfer.