Using Med Spa Treatments To Get Rid Of Acne

Ready to tackle your acne once and for all? We have a full line of pharmaceutical aesthetic services is equipped to handle even your toughest acne problems. Below are some of the med spa treatments available at our medical spa in Orlando , including facials, chemical peels, and microneedling.

Breast Implants 101: What Are The Different Types Of Breast Implants

If you’re thinking about getting a breast augmentation, you’re going to want to know as much as possible about the different types breast implants. We’ve gathered information about each kind of breast implant along with the pros and cons of each option.

5 Surprising Ways In Which Botox Is Used

Aside from its cosmetic benefits, Botox is used to treat over 20 medical conditions, including eye disorders, overactive bladders, underarm sweating, erectile dysfunction, and muscle spasms. Here is a list of 5 major medical conditions that Botox is being used to treat:

5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Picking A Plastic Surgeon

Successful surgeries always begin with successful consultations, and many unfavorable plastic surgery experiences could have been avoided if the patient got more out of their consultation. So, here's how you can tell if your plastic surgeon is the real deal.

Female To Male Top Surgery 101: Everything You Need To Know

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Making the decision to undergo Female to Male (FTM) Top Surgery is not easy, even if you know it’s what you want. Despite huge strides regarding people’s perception and understanding of transgender individuals, the fight to end unjustified stigmas and discrimination is not over. If you’ve made the decision to transition, our team is here to help and we acknowledge your bravery.

At HZ Plastic Surgery Orlando, our staff and board-certified plastic surgeon understand that committing to any elective surgery is a huge decision, particularly so when it comes to gender transition surgery. We recognize the emotional journey and we’re committed to doing our best to help you through it. So, here is everything you need to know about the female to male top surgery in Orlando.

What Is FTM Top Surgery

Female-to-male top surgery is a gender reassignment procedure that involves a Subcutaneous Mastectomy, which removes breast tissue. The procedure transforms our patient’s in order to reveal a masculine chest that appropriately represents their gender identity.

Aside from removing the patient’s breasts, the procedure may re-adjust and/or reshape the nipples. Larger breasts typically require nipple readjustment and/or reshaping while smaller breasts may not. The reshaping style can be selected by the patient beforehand to match their ideal results.

FTM Top Surgery Incision Options

Selecting the right female-to-male top surgery incision can help you achieve your ideal shape and feel of your chest post-surgery. These incision types vary according to whether you want to reshape, resize, or reposition the nipples. Other considerations include the post-surgery shape of pecs, amount of scarring, and the amount of nipple sensitivity you wish to retain. These options can be discussed during the initial consultation.

HZ Plastic Surgery in Orlando offers the following incision types:

  • Buttonhole Technique

  • Double Incision Technique

  • Inverted-T Technique

  • Keyhole Technique

  • Peri Areola Technique

FTM Top Surgery Candidacy

At HZ Plastic Surgery Orlando, we try to ensure that our patients are making the decision to have plastic surgery for the right reasons. Undergoing plastic surgery is a physical and emotional journey that should always be the patient’s decision.

If you identify with the following sentiments, you may be an ideal candidate for FTM Top Surgery:

  • You’ve considered the emotional effects of FTM Top Surgery and you’re confident about permanently removing your breasts.

  • You feel that your breasts do not reflect your gender identity.

  • You acknowledge and accept the risk of losing sensitivity in your nipples.

  • You have found a surgeon that you’re comfortable with - they support your decision to undergo the surgery and to continue your transition thereafter.

FTM Top Surgery Financing Options

The cost of a female to male top surgery may vary depending on where you go and on what incision type you choose. We understand that not all insurance carriers cover the FTM Top Surgery, which is why we offer two different financing options.

Option 1: Our layaway plan is great for people who do not want to use credit or with those with poor credit. To use this option, simply pay a $500 deposit within 30 days of receiving your quote in order to lock in the rate. You will have 4 months from the date of your deposit to complete the total amount of the rate.

Option 2: Finance with United Medical Credit for affordable payment plans that you can comfortably cover over time.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive network of prime and subprime lenders

  • Multiple plans to choose from

  • Decisions within seconds

  • No Prepayment Penalties with Flexible Terms

  • Fast and Easy Application Process with No Commitment

  • 100% Confidential

  • Plans available for Credit Challenged Applicants

For a clear rate and more information on your FTM incision options, simply book a consultation with Dr. Z, our board-certified plastic surgeon.  

5 Perks Of Becoming An HZ Signature Member

By now, you probably know that our team at HZ Plastic Surgery is offering a new, signature membership plan for all of our patients. But, is it worth it? The answer is: Yes! Why invest? Because you’re worth it! And because, if you already know what procedures you’d like to take advantage of, a membership will lower their cost. Still considering it? Here is the gist of the membership and 5 perks of becoming an HZ signature member.

Botox Consultation: What Is It Really Like To Get Botox?

Everyone has heard about Botox, but many people have unanswered questions about these popular injections: "Does Botox hurt?", "Should I get Botox in my 20s?", "Does Botox actually work?", etc. The list goes on and on. So, we decided to document the Botox process - starting with the consultation, the injection, and the results from real patients to give you a better insight.

Tummy Tuck VS Liposuction: Which Is Right For You?

What is the best procedure to help you get a youthful, flat stomach: tummy tuck vs liposuction? Tummy tucks and liposuction can both be extremely effective procedures for helping you improve your midsection. When deciding which one is right for you, it is helpful to examine the differences between the two surgeries and how they affect different issues.

Botox Vs. Dysport: Similar But Not The Same

When it comes to non-invasive procedures, Botox is definitely a leading name in the beauty industry easy to forget that there are other very similar treatment options such as Dysport. Dysport injections work in nearly the same way as Botox but there are some factors that set them apart from each other. If you’re considering putting some of your pesky lines to rest but aren’t sure whether Botox or Dysport is right for you, here are some of the things you should consider. 

Top 5 Botox Myths Debunked

Over 6 million treatments of Botox are performed every year making it one of the most popular anti-aging treatments used by doctors, but many patients are still wonder, "How much does Botox cost?", "Is Botox Painful?", "Can Botox Worsen Your Wrinkles If You Quit Injections?", and so much more. Let's clear up all of this confusion.

Dr. Z's Most Stunning Before & Afters of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, our team is reflecting on the tremendous accomplishments our chief plastic surgeon has achieved with our loyal patients. So, we've gathered a gallery of the most stunning before and after transformations ranging from liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, arm lift, etc. Are you ready to unveil the magic of 2017 at HZ Plastic Surgery in Orlando?

Top 10 Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction is the most common plastic surgery for both men and women in the United States. However, it is commonly misunderstood. Many people believe liposuction is a way to quickly reduce body weight or treat obesity. Instead, liposuction aims to reshape certain areas of the body that typically do not respond well to diet and/or exercise. Some of these “problem areas” are typically thighs, buttock, arms, abdomen, and breasts.

Ear Correction Surgery: Is This Procedure Right For Me?

Did you know that ears are one of the only body parts that continue to grow throughout a person’s entire life? As time goes on, many people feel that their ears have grown too large, protrude too much, or droop too low. Ear correction surgery, or otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to correct and restore symmetry. So, let's discuss if this procedure is right for you:

HZ Plastic Surgery Open House: Hors D'Oeuvres, Live Demos, & Exclusive Specials

We're so pleased to announce that our team at HZ Plastic Surgery is opening our doors to the public for a much needed open house! Introducing our Venus Legacy & Venus Versa treatment options that offer body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, hair removal, acne removal, and so much MORE.

2017 In Review: Reflecting On HZ Plastic Surgery's Milestones

The wonderful season of holidays has our team overwhelmed with gratitude for our patients' continued support and trust in HZ Plastic Surgery. In spirit of the holidays, we’re pleased to reflect on each of our milestones within the past year, especially because you were a part of our successful year.

Skin Rejuvenation: How To Get Younger Looking Skin

Achieving younger looking skin is an increasing concern among aging women, but how can you achieve your desired outcome? We've compiled a list of skin rejuvenation treatments that are sure to rewind the hand of time.

How Much Does A Boob Job Cost?

How much does a boob job cost on average? Although there is not a single, standard boob job price, they typically cost between $3,000 and $11,000. For people who don't just have an extra few thousand dollars laying around, there is good news: The average price for boob jobs has been dropping.

How Long Do Tumescent Liposuction Results Last?

The change in body shape granted by liposuction is permanent, in the sense that the targeted area should not be a problem any longer. By the time a person reaches adulthood, the number of fat cells in their body remains stable. As they gain weight, the cells themselves become larger. This means that when Liposuction removes fatty areas, that fat will not grow back. However, liposuction does not prevent new fatty deposits from forming.

When Should I Get A Face Lift?

Many patients feel unsatisfied with sagging skin, wrinkles, and/or various signs of aging. However, they are unsure what surgical or non-invasive options is right for them. For example, a face lift in Orlando may be too aggressive for a few crow’s feet, but Botox may be underwhelming for excess sagging skin. So, if you’ve began to consider a face lift, ask yourself the following questions below to confidently make the best decision for you.

Southern Women's Show: Exclusive Pricing & Giveaways

Do you ever feel like you just want a weekend to be completely and totally pampered? Well, Southern Women’s Show in Orlando is throwing the ultimate event for women to relax, shop, and win free prizes – that’s why we couldn’t resist being apart of the fun! Our team from HZ Plastic Surgery has set up shop at SWS and we’re giving away free prizes and engaging with everyone that stops by our booth. So, what are we offering?