5 Signs You May Need A Breast Reduction

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It is no secret that many women think a lot about the size and shape of their boobs. When people think about women getting surgery on their boobs, their first thought might be breast augmentation surgery. However, apart from pure beauty concerns, boobs are closely related to women’s health. Specifically, oversized breasts can be strongly connected to many health problems, discomfort, and pain.

While there are many solutions to problems regarding oversized breasts, a study conducted by Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery shows that women prefer breast reduction surgery over other solutions, such as losing weight, taking pain medication, and even doing physical therapy. Large and oversized breasts significantly affect over 1 million women, according to WebMD. It is important to know that problems caused by breast size and breast shape can be very common. So, if you think you might be suffering due to your large breasts, here are 5 signs that you might want to consider a breast reduction:

1. Your breasts are abnormally large.

Obviously, the first sign that you might want to consider surgery as a possibility is if you have extremely and abnormally large breasts! Having excessively large boobs makes your body disproportioned. With disproportionately large breasts, you might feel as if you are constantly being weighed down. Not only can the extra weight be exhausting, but it can result in negative long-term effects for the rest of your body from trying to make up for their excessive size and imbalance.

2. Your breasts are quite literally bringing you down.

Following the first sign, you might need to consider a reduction if the size of your breasts affects your body posture. Poor posture often signals that your boobs might be too large for your body. An easy way to check whether your breast size is related to your poor posture can be to look at your nipples and areolas - if they tend to point downward, rather than forward, then that may be a signal that you need a breast reduction. Poor posture is strongly correlated to many health and even psychological issues.

3. Your breasts make shopping for clothes a nightmare. 

Another sign that you should look into a reduction is if you usually have an extremely difficult time finding bras and clothing that fit properly. Bra sizes larger than DD can be very difficult to find, as some stores, like Victoria’s Secret, do not even offer sizes larger than a DDD. If your bra has a tendency to cause marks on your shoulders, your bra might be too small. It is important that your bra has the proper cup size because wearing bras that are too small sometimes worsens problems related to your breast size.

4. Your breasts make it impossible to exercise and occasionally attempt to suffocate you.

An important sign that your boobs might be too big is if you have a very difficult time exercising and/or breathing because of them. Women with oversized breasts tend to have a lot of issue exercising and breathing regularly, which can be a direct effect of large breasts. If this is the case for you, you should certainly consider a breast reduction.

5. Your breasts are a pain in the back.

Lastly, and most importantly, the major sign that your breasts are all too large is if you suffer from constant back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. According to WebMD, this is the most common indication signal and number one indication that you may need a reduction. So, if you experience a lot of unwarranted back, neck, and shoulder pain, you should consider breast reduction surgery as these pains will most likely worsen with time. 

Your breasts are absolutely integral in living a happy, healthy life. If you identify with any of the issues described in this article, or any other issue you believe to be related to your large breasts, you should consider the possibility of getting a boob reduction. Studies reported in U.S. Health News have even shown that 98% of women who have undergone breast reduction surgery would recommend such a surgery to others.

However, never forget to first consult a doctor about any issues related to your breasts in order to make sure the issues you’re experiencing are, in fact, because of your breast size. Then, with a doctor’s confirmation, maybe you can be a part of the 100,000+ women who change their lives with breast reduction surgery. Schedule your consultation at HZ Plastic Surgery today!

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