Skin Rejuvenation: 5 Cosmetic Treatments For Younger Looking Skin

skin rejuvenation: 5 cosmetic treatments for younger looking skin

With aging comes many good things like wisdom, grandchildren, and life experiences. Unfortunately, along with good is the bad; Aging also worsens the condition of your skin over time. If you’re starting to notice creases that you swear weren’t there last month and folds that you want to get rid of, don’t worry. Many people struggle with the effects of aging and want to rid their skin of these “imperfections.” Fortunately, there are options to make your dreams a reality. Here are 5 skin rejuvenation options to reverse those lines, wrinkles, and folds that you want vanished.

1.     Botox

Botox is among the most popular and commonly known cosmetic procedures. Botox utilizes a neurotoxic protein also known as botulinum toxins to bring a more youthful appearance to a person’s facial skin. Botox injections paralyze tiny facial muscles, which results in facial lines and wrinkles being smoothed out. This smoother appearance obviously causes younger looking skin. Botox effects last between three to six months, depending on the way it reacts with your facial muscles and how many times you’ve gotten injections before. So, as long as your doctor believes it to be a good idea, Botox can definitely help you rejuvenate the appearance of your skin.

2.     Cosmetic Surgeries

Perfectly in line with a Botox treatment is the cosmetic surgery approach. There are many different cosmetic surgeries that can produce a tighter appearance to the whole facial structure, especially the skin. Some of the most popular facial cosmetic surgeries are cheek augmentations - which can slightly tighten the skin around the cheeks as a result of the surgery, chin augmentations - which can slightly result in tightened skin around the neck and chin, and blepharoplasty - which tightens the skin’s appearance all around the eyes.

Of course, the most effective way to bring youth to your facial skin is to get a facelift, which lifts the skin all over the face and neck. The advancing surgical technology has enabled these surgeries to be more effective and less detectable, as most of them use small incisions in difficult-to-detect areas like under the hairline. These procedures can be very expensive, but they can make people look years younger permanently, so they work well in rewinding the clock for people’s skin.

3.     Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion can cause younger looking skin in a way much different than Botox and cosmetic surgery. Microdermabrasion fine, tiny particles or a very hard diamond-tipped wand to slough off cells from the top layer of skin. Removing this layer results in new skin growth. The skin recovers quickly from the procedure, which is not usually a painful one. To be completely effective in bringing youth to the skin’s appearance, you might need multiple procedures. Exactly how many depends on how tough or light the buffer technique is. This procedure is not very expensive, but since the effects are not permanent or long-term, this treatment might not be for everyone.

4.     Laser Skin Removal

Laser skin removal works very similar to laser hair removal. Using a very concentrated, high-intensity light, this treatment zaps the skin and improves the look of wrinkles and lines by tightening loose, aged skin. This process can even be used to help improve the appearance of scars. While the particular effects of the treatment and recovery depend on the intensity of the treatment and the individual circumstances, the results usually last between 2 and 5 years. The treatment can cost about $3,000, but it usually produces effective results bringing a decently long-term youth to your skin.

5.     Facial Creams – Retinoid/Peptides

Facial creams are generally cheap and effective forms of treatment for skin rejuvenation. Retinol, or retinoid (the prescription form), has been proven to effectively reduce the appearance of both wrinkles and acne. Different retinol creams can definitely help make your skin look more youthful, and so can other creams such as peptide creams. Strong peptide creams help rebuild the collagen that your skin loses as it ages. Collagen helps strength the skin and its elasticity, so peptide creams can help fight wrinkles and thinning. Both peptide and retinol products can range from under $20 to above $150, and they both are among the best natural alternatives to Botox treatments.

While you may not be able to avoid growing older and preventing your age from taking over your skin, you certainly don’t have to sit around and watch it happen. If you’re unhappy with your aging skin, schedule a consultation with HZ Plastic Surgery today. Our chief surgeon, Dr. Z, will help you determine what course of action is right for your intended results.