Five Popular Cosmetic Surgeries That Men Get, Too.

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Plastic surgery is often stigmatized as something that only women undergo. However, in recent years, people have begun to realize that men are not immune from aging and wishing to undo the hand of time. Women and men alike both wish to look their best! So, if you’re a man and considering undergoing cosmetic surgery, just know you’re not alone. Over the past few years, there have been numerous men requesting the following plastic surgeries in Orlando and all across the nation.


Rhinoplasty, also commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is the reshaping of the nose for improved appearance or functionality. Some men request this surgery after their nose breaks in an accident or they feel their nose is too big for their face. Feeling self-conscious about a large/misshapen nose is certainly not specific to women.

Face Lift

Men are not immune to the effects of aging. Their hair grays and they develop wrinkles just like women, so it is understandable that they might want to undergo a procedure to appear more youthful. A Rhytidectomy, otherwise known as a Face Lift, removes excess skin and tightens a patient’s facial muscles and tissues revealing a younger, rejuvenated appearance.


With the phrase “dad bod” circulating social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it can be easy to understand why men might be self-conscious. Liposuction has become a popular male plastic surgery choice as it is an easy and affordable option to re-define male’s problem areas. The surgery, also termed Lipoplasty, breaks up and removes excess fatty deposits on the body in order to reveal a tighter shape.


Do your friends and colleagues often remark that you look tired? Men who have undergone a Blepharoplasty procedure can probably tell you a similar story. Like anyone else, men get older, have late nights, and undergo stress – all of which leads to a characteristic “tired” appearance. Therefore, more men have been undergoing an eyelid rejuvenation to restore some of their vitality.

Ear Correction Surgery

Much like a Rhinoplasty is used to reshape a nose that might be overpowering a face, ear correction is often used to correct overpowering ears. Men might find that their ears “stick out too much” or desire a more standard silhouette.

There are some people who might not believe that men undergo cosmetic surgeries. However, more men than ever have been turning to plastic surgeons to improve their physique or correct damage left by accidents. This shouldn’t be something men are ashamed about – it’s time to embrace looking and feeling good! If you’re considering plastic surgery and want to discuss your ideal procedure, financing options, candidacy, etc., schedule a free consultation today.