Top 8 Benefits of Plastic Surgery Financing Plans

8 benefits of financing plastic surgery, plastic surgery financing options

When it comes to the plastic surgery world, a “cheap” procedure can mean something as low as $2,000. Of course, in most other worlds $2,000 is by no means cheap. It is often the expense that prevents many patients from getting the plastic surgery they’ve been dreaming of a high-quality plastic surgeon.

HZ Plastic Surgery believes that anyone who is interested in getting plastic surgery deserves to have a procedure from a talented board-certified plastic surgeon, even if they have to pay for the surgery over a period of time. Otherwise, many people would be restricted to their bank account at that very moment, which might cause them to settle for risky, low-quality surgery.

In order to accommodate our patients and ensure you’re not sacrificing quality care for the sake of money, HZ Plastic Surgery offers its patients the opportunity to finance their procedure instead of paying for it up front. For those individuals who have delayed their dream procedure because of financial restraints, you can now enjoy the many benefits of financing your procedure by using 1 of our 4 financing options: CareCredit, our HZ Lay-Away plan, Alphaeon Credit, or United Medical Credit. Here are 8 benefits of financing your procedure with HZ Plastic Surgery:

1.    You can finally undergo a high-quality procedure from a board-certified plastic surgeon instead of settling for less!

People often sacrifice quality for price in the plastic surgery world because they cannot afford what they deserve up front at that very moment. While everyone deserves high-quality work done when getting plastic surgery, they should not be restricted by whether they can afford the entire procedure at that very moment. We understand that some individuals budget more carefully and would find payments to be much more manageable and effective.

2.    You can budget your finances at a pace that fits your needs and your life.

Even for those who might be able to afford a multi-thousand-dollar procedure at that very moment often prefer having the ability to pay for their procedure at a slower pace. Financing can allow patients to budget more efficiently without taking a major hit on their bank account.

3.    You can review offers and terms from our very extensive network of prime and subprime lenders.

By financing your plastic surgery through one of our trusted financing options, you can feel assured that your offers and plans will be chosen from a trusted network. Patients have trusted this network to find them the best financing plans thousands of times.

4.    With such an extensive network of many lenders, you can enjoy the benefits of having multiple different plans you can choose from.

This is a massive benefit of our plastic surgery financing options with HZ Plastic Surgery because you can choose an offered plan that best fits your needs and budgets. The offers can vary a lot, which helps provide patients with a wide array of opportunity to best help them and their financial situation.

5.    There are plans to finance your procedure even if you consider yourself to be a credit-challenged applicant.

Not everyone is a superstar when it comes to their credit, and that’s understandable. Having past struggles with credit often discourages and even prevents individuals from opportunities to finance your plastic surgery. Fortunately, this is not the case for patients looking for plastic surgery as there are many plans for patients with adverse credit history.

6.    There are no prepayment penalties for many plans, and such plans still provide patients with very flexible terms.

As often is the case with financial loans, people are often penalized for pre-paying their loan. Prepayment is when you pay off the financed amount early, and you are often penalized so that the lender receives the interest money they would have gotten had it been paid normally. By taking advantage of our plastic surgery financing options at HZ Plastic Surgery, there are many, many plans that offer no prepayment penalty, which provides patients with even more financial freedom.

7.    The application to finance your procedure is available online and can be completed very quickly and easily without any commitment.

It can be such a hassle to apply for any type of financing, which is another benefit of plastic surgery financing with us. Not only is the application easily accessible and very quick, but there’s no commitment needed once your decision comes.

8.    After you apply, you will have the decision within seconds.

Why wait and stress over whether you got approved or denied for your procedure? After you apply to finance your procedure you will literally have your answer within seconds, which means you will know immediately where to go from there.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of benefits plastic surgery financing options with HZ Plastic Surgery. Whether you’ve been waiting for a while to undergo a procedure, or financing just fits the way you budget better, apply now on our website to see your plastic surgery financing options.

Of course, if you are still trying to figure out whether you should pursue a certain procedure or not and you would like to figure out what’s best for you, don’t be scared to set up your consultation in Orlando today with one of the best plastic surgeons in the area.