When Should I Get A Face Lift?

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Is it too soon to get a face lift? What will my family say? My friends? My co-workers? Will I look “unnatural” and “plastic-y”? Or will I look fresh and rejuvenated?

Many patients feel unsatisfied with sagging skin, wrinkles, and/or various signs of aging. However, they are unsure what surgical or non-invasive options is right for them. For example, a face lift in Orlando may be too aggressive for a few crow’s feet, but Botox may be underwhelming for excess sagging skin. So, if you’ve began to consider a face lift, ask yourself the following questions below to confidently make the best decision for you:

1)    Do you know what exactly a face lift is?

Sure, a face lift is a great way to diminish wrinkles and droopy skin, but what does it entail? In other words, how does face lift surgery actually shed years off of patients? A standard face lift entails incisions around the temples, ears, and behind the ears, allowing your surgeon to minimize and reposition deeply-rooted facial tissue.

Excess flesh is removed as well, followed by excess skin. The remaining skin is then strategically positioned over its newly-formed, firm foundation. The skin covering the face is, as a result, notably smoother than the skin that was previously covering it. Note: Standard face lifts typically apply this procedure to the full face and neck. Contrastingly, mini face lifts generally apply this procedure strictly to the lower jaw and cheeks.

2)    Do you know what exactly the implications of a face lift are?

So, what can you expect from your results from a face lift? Since sagging skin and wrinkles are a direct product of aging, you can bet that a face lift can make a patient look years younger.

Furthermore, talented plastic surgeons ensure that the patient’s skin looks strong and voluminous, rather than strained and artificially tight. Ultimately, going to the right surgeon can mean that a face lift can transform you into an undeniably more polished, radiant you.

3)    Do you have the urge to change how you look?

This is not to ask if you are unhappy with how you look, or if you feel that you must change how you look. You can be overall satisfied and even fond of your appearance, while still seeking improvement. You are allowed to see the benefit of something that you want, even if it is not something that you need. If you want to revamp your appearance, and feel that a face lift may do so based on the information above – schedule your consultation today. No cost. No obligation.

When searching for the signs you need a face lift, be sure to research and understand the risks and complications associated with this procedure. If you’re still interested in learning more about a face lift in Orlando, schedule your consultation with our chief plastic surgeon, Dr. Z, to discuss your thoughts, questions, and concerns. No cost. No obligation.