Ear Correction Surgery: Is This Procedure Right For Me?

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Did you know that ears are one of the only body parts that continue to grow throughout a person’s entire life? As time goes on, many people feel that their ears have grown too large, protrude too much, or droop too low. Ear correction surgery, or otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to combat this feeling. This procedure works for both children and adults and can help to correct symmetry as well.

Before we look at candidacy, benefits, and recovery, we should first answer the question: what is ear correction surgery?

What Is Ear Correction Surgery?

The first thing to understand about ear correction surgery is that it largely has to do with moving cartilage. Your ears are one of the few body parts made almost completely of cartilage, a connective tissue that is mostly found in joints and in between bones. It is cartilage that allows the ears and nose to be flexible while still remaining firm and strong. Otoplasty is performed by removing or repositioning the cartilage that gives the ears their size, shape, and position.

Depending on your desired change, an incision will typically be made inside or behind the ear. Some patients wish to have both ears resized, also known as a bilateral Otoplasty. A cosmetic surgeon can usually do this procedure while maintaining symmetry. Large ears that stick out are repositioned to sit closer to the skull and the extra cartilage that causes the ears to protrude is removed.

Unlike many cosmetic surgeries, an Otoplasty can actually be performed on both adults and children. Children can have ear correction done using splints, but because the cartilage in adult’s ears has hardened over time, a more in-depth procedure is required.

Who Is A Candidate For Ear Correction Surgery?

Here are a few reasons that people consider ear correction surgery:

·      A patient has ears that droop.

·      A patient feels that their ears protrude too far from their head.

·      Patient often feels as if people are staring at their ears and this brings about anxiety or distress.

·      A patient is experiencing bullying or comments because of his/her ears.

·      The size/shape/position of a patient’s ears is causing him/her to have low self-esteem.

Ear correction surgery is a low risk way to combat these problems, and boost your self-esteem regarding your ears and general appearance. Otoplasty can improve the shape and proportion of your ears, and the results typically last for a lifetime without fluctuation.

A good candidate for any cosmetic procedure is someone who has realistic expectations about the surgery. It is also important that the patient make the decision to undergo surgery on their own accord, and not under pressure from other people. Most important, good health is a key factor that most surgeons look into before performing cosmetic procedures. If you are in good health, have realistic expectations, and have made the decision yourself, then you may be a good candidate for ear correction surgery. Speaking with a cosmetic surgeon can help you be more informed and ready for the procedure.

How Long Is Recovery For Ear Correction Surgery?

Recovery for otoplasty is minimal. Typically, recovery downtime is under a week. During this week, you will probably be required to wear gauze wrapped around your head. This can help with swelling and stave off infection, but after a few days it may be removed. You may experience some discomfort during the recovery process, so it is important to let your physician know how the process is going.

Following your plastic surgeon’s guidance is key for a healthy recovery after any surgical procedure. It may also be beneficial to avoid rigorous exercise, keep one’s head elevated, and avoid sleeping on the ear that underwent the operation. The recovery process for any surgery largely depends on the individual patient and circumstances. After an otoplasty, your surgeon will give you specific instruction to follow and prescribe any necessary medications or follow-up procedures.

Schedule Consultation For Ear Correction In Orlando

If you have feel that you are a good candidate for ear correction surgery and you live in or near the Orlando area, then you can visit HZ Plastic Surgery and schedule an appointment with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Z. His highly trained staff can assist you every step of the way and help you to finally be happy with the appearance of your ears.