How Much Does A Boob Job Cost?

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People undergo many different types of breast surgeries, like breast lifts and breast reductions, but the most popular cosmetic breast surgery is the boob job. Although this may come as no surprise, there are still many things to know about breast augmentation surgery besides the simple fact that it’s the most popular cosmetic surgery - such as how much a boob job costs.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses breast implants to improve the shape, size, and volume of the patient’s breasts. So, whether it’s because the patient feels as if their boobs are misshapen, unbalanced, small, or defected for some other reason, breast augmentation can help the appearance of patients’ breasts. Of course, there are many things that need to be considered besides just wanting bigger boobs before signing up for a boob job. One of the most important parts of deciding to get a boob job is figuring out whether you can afford it, which raises a very common question people have about breast augmentations:

1. How much does a boob job cost?

Although there is not a single, standard boob job price, boob jobs generally cost between $3,000 and $11,000. For people who don’t have an extra few thousand dollars lying around, there is good news. The average price for boob jobs has been dropping consistently since 2010. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average price of breast implants in 2014 was $3,704. Obviously, this is not pocket change, but breast implants used to cost a lot more on average.

2. Why aren't all boob jobs the same price?

Each plastic surgery center has the discretion to price their plastic surgery options. So, there should be no surprise that there’s a bunch of additional fees when you get a boob job no matter what plastic surgery group you choose. While there’s no definitive answer to what additional fees there will be, we can layout the groundwork for things to expect. Each plastic surgery center factors costs for a breast augmentation differently. 

3. What factors affect the total cost of a boob job?

Each plastic surgery center factors costs for a breast augmentation differently, but here are the most likely things that will factor into the total cost of a boob job: anesthesia fee, surgical facility cost, costs of various medical tests, the cost of post-surgery garments, and the cost of post-surgery care (such as the cost of prescription medicines).

The total cost of a boob job depends on what fees and costs are factored in, which surgeon performs the surgery, and the specifics/complexities of each individual patient and procedure. With everything accounted for, a boob job should be expected to cost anything from $3,250 to highs of over $10,000.

4. What else do I need to consider?

Now remember, money isn’t everything. Surprisingly, this is even true in the cosmetic surgery and boob job world. In addition to the cost of a boob job, there are several things you should consider before getting one. For instance, you will need to decide whether you want to get saline implants or silicone implants, which breast augmentation incision you prefer, and more. This decision will most likely affect the cost as well, so it’s important to look into all of the different factors when considering breast augmentation surgery.

5. Should I go with a cheaper breast augmentation?

It is most important to remember that breast augmentation surgery is still surgery. Surgery is always a significant thing and it requires high regard for all of the various factors in making a decision about a specific surgery, especially with voluntary cosmetic surgery. Thus, never solely base your decision on the price of a boob job. The quality of your surgery should be the most important concern when getting cosmetic surgery. People often say, you get what you pay for.

It’s important to adhere to this rule of thumb especially when you’re dealing with something as significant as surgery. So, don’t be cheap. No matter how much you want to fill out your blouse, it is worth it to wait and save up for a high-quality procedure. Undergoing a cheap procedure just because you were impatient can end up costing you in the end, as breast implant removals cost an average of $2,330. So, in the end, remember to consider all of the important aspects of deciding to get a boob job.

If you’re interested in a breast augmentation in Orlando, schedule a consultation with Dr. Z. Our chief plastic surgeon will walk you through the procedure, recovery, pricing, and more. Dr. Z believes in ensuring the patient is well informed, so bring any and all questions you may have about this procedure to your consultation.

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