Virtual Me 3D: What If You Could See Your Results Before Plastic Surgery?

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Well, now you can with Virtual 3D Me. This state-of-the-art software allows our patients to view how their body will look after a plastic surgery – while sitting in the comfort of our office!

So, what is Virtual 3D Me? This fully customizable program lets users alter areas of their body through 3D virtual reality images to visualize the procedure that best fits them. The unique and advanced software offers the most accurate 3D generated images and allows for viewing at any angle. And the effects of a given cosmetic surgery procedure can be demonstrated in real-time on your own body right in front of your eyes.

How Does Virtual 3D Me Work?

Fill in your profile:

All you have to do is provide a little personal information. This step is easy and painless.

Submit 3 photographs:

Take three photographs of your face and body or have a friend take them for you. You will then upload your photos to the 100% secure server. These pictures are used to generate the virtual 3D model of your body. You can upload these pictures before your appointment, or have Dr. Z create your profile for you when you get there.

Come in for a Virtual Me 3D consultation:

Meet with Dr. Z for a 3D consultation and he will explain all of your options and take you on a virtual tour of your body and the available procedures. He can show you, in real-time, what the results of your desired procedure will look like on your body. He can also demonstrate how various sizes or particular options will impact your unique shape.

Try it on:

Because of the state of the art virtual reality, VR, software (think Oculus) you can try on the headset and see the results of your procedure from a first person point of view. This unique feature shows you what to expect of your post-surgery life in a way that was impossible in the past.

Bring your options home:

This allows you to include your family and friends in your decision-making process. You can discuss the various options with them if you are having trouble deciding which direction to go.

What Are The Benefits of Virtual 3D Me?

For patients seeking a breast augmentation, Virtual Me 3D will allow you to view and experience different sizes. That way you can see how a particular size will look compared to your unique dimensions and figure. You can compare options and decide from there.

For patients undergoing facial procedures, you can also use Virtual Me 3D to generate three-dimensional, high-resolution images of your face. You can then customize the type of rhinoplasty or facelift, etc. that you desire. You can view the image from any angle, and tailor the results to your specific needs.

This technology offers benefits that a previous generation of cosmetic surgery patients never had. Most importantly, being able to actually visualize the results of procedures on your own body rather than a standard model. By utilizing Virtual 3D Me, your decision is not a guess, but an informed, personal conclusion.