How Long Do Tumescent Liposuction Results Last?

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If you are considering undergoing a liposuction procedure, then you may be asking yourself, “How long do liposuction results last?" This is a great question, but the answer is more complicated than you might think. Before we get into that, let’s look at what liposuction is and how it works.

What Is Tumescent Liposuction?

Most people are familiar with liposuction; it is a fat removal procedure that reduces stubborn, fatty areas. It is famous for its precision in body contouring. The procedure itself typically only removes about 10 lbs. at a time, however, it can target specific areas that other procedures cannot. Liposuction is perfect for patients who are close to their target weight but struggle with fat deposits that do not respond to diet or exercise.

Tumescent liposuction is a common form of the liposuction procedure. During tumescent liposuction, an injection of a salt solution, epinephrine, and a numbing agent is put into the targeted fat area. This solution swells the fat cells and makes them easier to maneuver. After the cells are swollen, they are easily removed with the skillful precise of your plastic surgeon.

what is tumescent liposuction, liposuction orlando, liposuction before and after
what is tumescent liposuction, liposuction orlando, liposuction before and after

How Much Weight Will I Lose With Tumescent Liposuction?

The first thing to realize is that liposuction is primarily for refining and sculpting body figure; it is not a weight loss procedure. So, patients should not expect to eat unhealthy foods and not exercise without the typical consequences. Exercise and a healthy diet after a procedure are the best ways to maintain your liposuction results in the long term.

The change in body shape granted by liposuction is permanent, in the sense that the fat cells removed from the targeted area will never come back. However, the remaining fat cells are able to get larger if the patient gains weight. The area treated will never gain weight at the same rate as other parts of the body which were not treated. Therefore, maintaining stable weight will maintain your results.

How Long Do Tumescent Liposuction Results Last?

According to Dr. Rolando Sanchez, “by the time a person reaches adulthood, the number of fat cells in their body remains stable. As they gain weight, the cells themselves become larger.” This means that when Liposuction removes fatty areas, that fat will not grow back. However, liposuction does not prevent new fatty deposits from forming.

The distribution of fatty tissue is part of what gives your body its shape. Patients who have undergone liposuction were likely unhappy with how their body distributed fat throughout itself. The good news is that liposuction can permanently alter fat distribution. Before treatment fat was being disproportionately deposited in one or a few small areas. These stubborn fat collections are commonly found in the arms, lower abdomen, buttocks, legs, or neck.

However, after liposuction, your body may distribute fat more evenly as opposed to only gaining weight in particular areas. Many patients view this as a positive, as the overall shape of their body remains in the figure they desire.

More Information on Liposuction in Orlando

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