What You Really Need To Know About Brazilian Butt Lifts

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The Brazilian butt lift procedure is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery that aims to add volume and shape to the patient's behind. Many women want to achieve the classic hourglass shape, so they're turning to the infamous Brazilian Butt Lift to help achieve their ideal body. Unfortunately, there are numerous misconceptions about this procedure - So, what is a Brazilian Butt Lift and what do you need to know before moving forward with your decision?

Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

Part of why the Brazilian butt lift is so popular is because it is an easy procedure that only requires small incisions and reveals very effective results. The objective behind the butt lift is to add volume, contour, and perkiness to a patient’s buttocks. This is accomplished either through fat transfer or implants. Oftentimes a surgeon will liposuction unwanted fat from other areas of the body, purify the fat, and then insert it into the buttock.

Let’s examine the two different techniques:

Fat Transfer: As discussed, this procedure utilizes unwanted fat from other parts of the body and inserts it into the buttock in order to add volume and contour. This is often the preferred method because the overall results are better due to the removal of excess fat from other areas in conjunction with the increased volume in the buttocks. Commonly targeted areas for the fat transfer are the hips, abdomen, and back.

Butt Implants: The upside of butt implants is that they are largely customizable to a patient’s unique, individual needs. They come in a variety of shapes sizes, and materials. Silicon implants are more popular because they provide a more natural look and feel. After the implant is placed, the buttock is typically rounder and fuller than before.

brazilian butt lift, butt lift orlando, butt lift before and after
brazilian butt lift, butt lift orlando, butt lift before and after

Who Is A Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you feel insecure about your buttocks or wish to have a curvier shape and a perkier butt, then this may be the perfect procedure for you. It is also important to be at a stable weight as weight fluctuations can impact the results. Plastic surgery is a very personal decision, so it’s highly important that you do not rush into this decision. If a patient has made the decision for themselves, then he/she should speak to a qualified plastic surgeon and learn more about the procedure. It is important to have realistic expectations for any procedure and to have all of the pertinent knowledge regarding risks and benefits.

How Long Is Recovery For A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients can typically return to work around two or three weeks following their procedure. It is perfectly normal to feel soreness, pain, or swelling in the buttocks after a Brazilian butt lift. Typically, a patient is made to wear a compression garment immediately following the procedure. This garment helps to reduce swelling at the incision location and liposuctioned areas. Some patients experience discomfort sitting or laying down for a time following the procedure; these patients are encouraged to find positions that do not place excess pressure on their backside. As with any surgical procedure, it is of the utmost importance to follow all of your physician’s orders and to keep the lines of communication open between doctor and patient.

Brazilian Butt Lift In Orlando

If you live in the Orlando area and think the Brazilian Butt Lift is the right procedure for you, then you can visit HZ Plastic Surgery and speak with Dr. Z for more information. Schedule your  consultation with our lead plastic surgeon, Dr. Z. Dr. Z is a highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon who can help you find the perfect procedure for your individual needs.