Choosing HZ Plastic Surgery: What Makes Us Truly Unique

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We know you want a highly skilled plastic surgeon who puts just as much thought into your consultation, surgery, and recovery process as you already have. At HZ Plastic Surgery in Orlando, your thoughts, concerns, and goals are always handled with care. Our team understands your feelings of uncertainty because we've been alongside hundred of patients as they experience all things "plastic surgery" for their first time. So, we wanted to highlight a few of the reasons we feel our plastic surgery center is perfect for YOU.

1.     Your time and money are valuable. Which is why we offer $25 consultations.

Dr. Z's time is incredibly valuable as he is the founder, director, and chief plastic surgeon of HZ Plastic Surgery. But, so is your time. Our team is honored that you've chosen to consider HZ Plastic Surgery for your plastic surgery needs, so we feel that it's the least we can do to offer a low cost consultation that doesn't break the bank. Dr. Z truly wants to show his appreciation and dedication to you from the beginning. So, this is his way of showing that sentiment from the first moment you walk into our office.

2.     You aren't just another patient to us. You're part of our team.

No, you are not just another patient to our team. Every patient is unique, so we understand that your journey will be different from the next person. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you feel understood and cared for from the beginning of your journey until the very end. Whether you're wondering how to clean your post-op surgical incisions or simply want Dr. Z's advice, you can call him at ANY time - day or night. Our past patients can corroborate this sentiment - feel free to read our patients' testimonials of their experience with us. 

3.     Our chief plastic surgeon is truly always by your side.

Our wonderful Dr. Z is the founder, director, and chief plastic surgeon of HZ Plastic Surgery. His surgical abilities paired with his bedside manner combine for a truly unique destination for anyone considering plastic surgery. You will work with Dr. Z from your initial consultation until the end of recovery - he is easily accessible, so you will never feel alone at any point in your journey.

4.     Plastic surgery shouldn't break the bank. So, we've ensured that it won't.

How can we ensure that our patients experience a positive, comfortable, and stress-free journey if they are stressing about how to pay for their surgery? We honestly couldn't if we didn't offer our unbeatable financing options. Our team at HZ Plastic Surgery has paired with United Medical Credit, which offers multiple payment plans to choose from along with an easy application process. By choosing a finance plan that's right for you, you can say goodbye to the financial burden of paying upfront.

Our patient-centered approach permeates throughout each step of our patient's plastic surgery journey. Think of our team as an extension of you - whatever you need, we are honored to assist you with. If you're considering plastic surgery in Orlando, feel free to reach out and schedule your consultaiton. We're waiting to hear from you!