What Are The Benefits Of Arm Lift Surgery?

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After large amounts of weight loss, patients often find themselves struggling with loose or excess skin underneath their arms. Typically, patients experience this after bariatric surgery or extreme weight loss. These patients may want to consider an arm lift, or brachioplasty, to remove this excess skin and achieve a toned, youthful arm. So, let's get into the many benefits of undergoing an arm lift procedure:

What Is An Arm Lift?

Brachioplasty is a cosmetic, body contouring surgical procedure that reduces hanging skin and eliminates fatty deposits around the arm. Sometimes, a cosmetic surgeon will perform liposuction along with an arm lift in order to maximize the effectiveness of the procedure.

There are two different types of arm lift surgery, and a cosmetic surgeon can help you determine which of these procedures is best suited to your individual needs:

Upper Arm Lift:

This procedure is for patients with a great deal of excess skin underneath the upper arm. The incision in this procedure typically runs along your arm and is shaped like a Z or a U. The length of the incision varies case to case and depends on how much excess skin you are trying to remove. In severe cases, the incision may run from the armpit to the side of the chest.

Mini Arm Lift:  

This procedure is designed for patients trying to remove a small amount of excess skin. Because this procedure is less extensive, the incision is usually small and hidden in the armpit. This procedure is still highly effective in removing hanging skin from the upper arm, and hiding the incision in the armpit drastically reduces visual scarring.

What Are Some Of The Arm Lift Benefits?

Many people are self-conscious about sagging skin on their upper arms, and arm lift surgery can remove that anxiety. Ideal candidates for arm lift surgery in Orlando are patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight and are left with excess skin underneath their arms, patients who have experienced sagging under the arms due to aging, and anyone who wishes to have a more youthful and tighter arm.

You can view HZ Plastic Surgery's before and after photos of arm lift surgery. The photos speak for themselves about the benefits of undergoing arm lift surgery at the hands of a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon.

What Can I Expect From Arm Lift Recovery?

Recovery time for an arm lift procedure can vary case to case, but typically patients are able to resume their normal activities within a month. Patients should expect a week or two off of work following their procedure, and many surgeons recommend light walking during the recovery process. This light walking can increase circulation and aid in the healing process.

Patients may be given pain medication after the procedure to help cope with any bruising, swelling or pain associated with recovery. It is also recommended that patients wear a compression bandage to help reduce swelling and optimize healing. Another way to help deal with swelling is to keep your arms raised during recovery. After any procedure, it is important to alert your physician to any abnormalities in your recovery, and to adhere to all of his/her recommendations.

Why Should You Choose An Arm Lift In Orlando?

If you live in or near the Orlando area then you can visit Dr. Z at HZ Plastic Surgery to find out which arm lift procedure is best for you and gather more relevant information. Dr. Z and his staff are highly trained and accommodating to the unique needs of each patient. Schedule your consultation and get yourself one step closer to a firmer and fitter upper arm.