Top 10 Surprising Skincare Benefits of Facials

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Many people don’t know of all the wonderful skincare benefits that a professional facial can offer. Some will wait until they encounter an unwanted skin concern like acne breakouts, a bad sunburn or dark spots before seeing a skincare professional for a facial. You may be asking yourself “should I get a facial” or think simply because your face hasn’t experienced chronic skin issues, that you don’t need regular facials.

The fact is, the skincare benefits of a regular facial regimen are truly astounding. Here are some reasons regular facials are more than just a way to pamper yourself.

1. Increase Circulation

Facials increase blood circulation beneath the skin, allowing the facilitation of renewing skin cells.

2. Decrease Waste

Facials can alleviate much of the waste—or bacteria and free radicals—beneath the skin that cause puffiness, redness, fluid and other unwanted skin conditions.

3. Smooth Wrinkles

A professional facial can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production. An anti-aging facial can restore skin cells and defend against future wrinkles.

4. Clear Your Pores

A facial works to cleanse and purify your pores at a much deeper level than a simple facial cleanse. Extractions can maintain clear skin, alleviate acne formation and even change the size and appearance of pores.

5. Even Skin Tone

A regular facial regimen designed to treat skin pigmentation can even out your skin tone. In addition to a healthier looking tone, you may even want to ditch your daily foundation routine!

6. Calm Sensitive Skin

Facial treatments for sensitive skin can sooth the skin from conditions like rosacea by restoring and replenishing the healthy barrier on your skin.

7. Deep Exfoliation

Facials deliver a deep exfoliation allowing for deeper penetration of products like moisturizers, cleaners, toners and serums. Facials also work to unclog pores, improve skins ability to retain water and even skin tone.

8. Slow the Aging Process

A good facial will allow your skin to regenerate, leaving it feeling healthier, smoother and glowing. Facials work to reduce fine lines and dark spots, as well as to rehydrate the skin.

9. Less Acne Scarring

Professional facial treatments like laser treatments and chemical peep work to even your skin tone and even reduce the appearance of acne scarring.

10. Complete Relaxation

Along with all of the tangible benefits of facials, you can't beat the complete relaxation that accompanies your appointment. 

Get the healthy glow you want on your skin with regular facials. If you are looking for facials in Orlando or the surrounding areas, make your appointment with the Medspa at HZ Plastic Surgery today and experience the full-line of services from our license esthetician. More beautiful skin awaits!