Frances Leonardo Now Accepting Consultations: Get In As Soon As Tomorrow!

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Our plastic surgery center was founded in 2015 by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Z, and has been growing at a rapid pace ever since. Over the past three years, Dr. Z has personally met with all of our patients at their initial consultation and guided them along their entire plastic surgery journey. However, as our practice began to grow and Dr. Z’s schedule began to fill up (sometimes his consultation schedule can be scheduled 2-3 weeks out), we realized we had to offer our patients another option to get achieve their dream results without having to wait.

Another Consultation Option: Frances Leonardo

Queue our lovely Patient Care Coordinator and Surgical Tech, Frances Leonardo, opening her schedule to start accepting new patients alongside Dr. Z! Our surgeon still accepts consultations for those that feel strongly about meeting their surgeon at the first consult, but Frances is able to accommodate patients that need to get in sooner and feel comfortable meeting Dr. Z at pre-op.

So, who is Frances Leonardo and why did our plastic surgeon feel she was qualified enough to start handling our patients during their initial consult? That’s easy – learn a bit more about Frances and the perks of booking with her:

About Our Patient Care Coordinator/Surgical Tech

Our bilingual Patient Care Coordinator & Surgical Tech plays an integral role in each of our patient's journey at HZ Plastic Surgery. Not only can she perform consultations by providing helpful information and care, but she also provides Dr. Z with the necessary assistance in the operating room. Frances is truly adored by our patients and strongly believes in providing a comfortable experience from start to finish.

Perks of Booking A Consultation With Frances Leonardo:

Open Schedule

You can book your consultation with Frances and visit our office as soon as tomorrow (Dr. Z is typically booked 2-3 weeks out due to his demanding schedule).

Highly Experienced

She’s worked alongside plastic surgeons for years gaining the necessary experience to perform in-depth consults.


Frances is also Dr. Z’s surgical tech - she assists with all of our surgical procedures in the operating room. Any questions you would ask our plastic surgeon, Frances is easily able to answer as she is assisting with surgery every step of the way.

Access To Dr. Z

You will still meet Dr. Z during your pre-op if you choose HZ! No need to worry about not meeting your plastic surgeon - the only step of the process you will experience without Dr. Z is the initial consultation.


No need for a translator - Frances fluently speaks both English and Spanish.

Book Your Consultation With Frances

Dr. Z has personally selected Frances Leonardo as his Surgical Tech and Patient Care Coordinator and strongly believes that Frances is highly capable of providing a thorough consultation for our patients. Our board-certified plastic surgeon will still be a part of your journey every step of the way following your consultation - you’ll meet him at your pre-op! So, you don’t need to worry about never meeting your plastic surgeon. Dr. Z believes in a strong patient/doctor line of communication to ensure you’re comfortable, educated, and at ease through the process. So, are you ready to book your consultation with the lovely Frances Leonardo to kick start your journey?!