One Patient's Neck Lift Surgery Journey at HZ Plastic Surgery

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At HZ Plastic Surgery, we love when our patients give us the opportunity to track and share their plastic surgery journey — whether they underwent surgery or a simple, noninvasive liposuction. Recently, one of our plastic surgery patients gave us the perfect chance to talk about how we do stuff here at HZ. At 53 years old, our patient already looked pretty amazing, but she had some problem areas that were affecting her self esteem, so we decided to give her a mini neck lift to address her jowls, smile lines, and muscle banding in the neck. From there, she took it upon herself to track her entire neck lift surgery journey on RealSelf, a community-driven site for cosmetic treatment reviews, from the day the surgery date was set to about 10 days after the operation.

Neck Lift Surgery Journey

Pre-Neck Lift Surgery Notes: May 4, 2018

“I have been contemplating this lift for a few years now as I have watched my jowls falling and platysma muscles protruding at a swift pace. I have chosen a doctor who I am absolutely crazy about !! I have seen his work at he is nothing short of brilliant.”


2 Days Pre Neck Lift Surgery

May 7, 2018

"I was told not to take any aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen, or anything of that kind for 2 weeks before surgery and as luck had it, I had a few massive headaches over the past few days due to allergies, but, I have been toughing it out! I put some himalayan sea salt Under my tongue and it seemed to take the edge off. I have also been taking Bromoline, Arnica, Zinc & Xtra Vitamin C for healing & bruising." 

Neck Lift Surgery Day! May 9, 2018

"[Dr. Z] numbed my entire face up to my nose and gave me injections all around the sides - front of ears and even back/front of neck. The injections were not pleasant but they weren’t that big of a deal. I had no Idea what he was doing, I just heard a lot going on and felt tugging her and there but no pain. He was playing awesome classic rock music (per my request) in the O.R. and he and nurse Francis just chatted away, laughing. 

I felt nothing! No pain whatsoever! The worse part of the entire procedure was getting comfortable on the operating table. My back and neck started getting sore so they rolled a towel under my neck and that helped a bit. He really took his time because he is meticulous ! So, I was on the table for over 4 hours! When he was finished , he bandaged me up and Francis hugged me and put me in the car."

18 Hours Post Neck Lift Surgery

May 10, 2018

"I arrived and they took me right in and the tubes were removed and the unveiling began!

I was in shock at how good my face looked already! Sure I see some swelling and a little bit of bruising, but we're talking less then 24 hours since surgery!

They replaced the bandages with one of those tight compression Velcro headdresses It felt so good to have the dressing off , but now I have to wear this thing for a week!"

Day 2 Post Neck Lift Surgery: May 11, 2018

"The way Dr. Z stitched around my ears is nothing short of exquisite! I know they will heal where I dare anyone to notice I’ve had work. Slight bruising, no pain at all — neck tender to the touch and the Velcro band that I have been Instructed to wear is the only thing that is annoying, but I know I have to wear it. DOCTORS ORDERS."


Day 3 Post Neck Lift Surgery

May 12, 2018

"I cannot believe how quickly I am healing. The tiny stitches are starting to itch now so I got myself a very soft toothbrush to gently scratch - it works wonders! I am feeling amazing physically and my confidence is already boosted even with little swelling & sight bruises."

Day 4 - Day 10 Healing Journey

Day 7 Post: "I still have slight bruising (only yellowing) on my neck as you can see. I covered up a few slight bruises round the lower jaw with makeup - but this photo has no filter"

Neck Lift Before And After Photos

"It has been such a long time since I haven’t wanted to hide my neck. I could just cry from JOY!!

Day 10 Update! May 24th, 2018

"I am really starting to see my entire face take shape as the swelling continues to go down. Each day I am seeing the fresh and natural results around the jaw and now cheekbones. 
I was thrilled by Day 3  and it just keeps looking better and better. My mother in law had no idea that I got a lift. We went out to lunch and it took her a little while but she said, “Darling, your skin looks so radiant, you are glowing, are you using a new cream!? Tee hee hee,
I cold not be happier!!"

One Month Post Neck Lift Surgery: June 9th, 2018 

I am adding non re-touched photos of my amazing mini-lift by Dr .Z 1 month later! (pardon the grey roots!) But notice the ears!!! Hidden incision, no sign of lift, neck is so smooth and natural. I’m so happy! I already have a few girlfriends booked for theirs!!

1 Year Post-Op Neck Lift Surgery

May 8, 2019

“It’s been 1 year since my mini lift and all I can say is I feel prettier and younger! The surgery has kept its promise :) I really started to see some new definition at month 6!! I got more chiseled as each month passed. Still ecstatic!!”

“It’s so much about the EARS!! How many times have you seen those “fairy” ears one someone who has had a facelift ? You know the look I mean. When a surgeon has pulled the face in a way where the entire ear lobe disappears and becomes part of the jaw!? Well, that was always one of my fears about getting a lift of any kind was #1- being left with either awful scars or the fairy ear look. When you are interviewing surgeons make sure you look at their incision work and look at EARS! - It may take some extra time, love and care to get those ears just perfect , so find someone who is an artist and takes pride in his work.”

More Information

Our patient's recovery has certainly been speedy and nothing short of amazing, but she still has some more recovery to go through, which means that there is still some amount of tenderness, swelling, and bruising. Regardless of that, we can already tell how much better her problem areas look and how revitalized she looks! 

To follow more of her journey, go to RealSelf mini face lift, or follow us on social media where we will be keeping you posted. Visit our website to see other neck lift before and after photos or to book a free consultation to see Dr. Z about your plastic surgery goals.