The 5 Plastic Surgery Trends Circling The Globe

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Everywhere you go in the world, you’ll find that little things we take for granted or as the status quo, are actually seen very differently by others. For example, beauty standards vary widely depending on which continent you’re on. One thing that remains though, is the desire to be beautiful.

Plastic Surgery Trends

All across the world, different cosmetic surgery trends are popping off and it’s actually very interesting to see which procedures are the most popular. Here are 5 plastic surgery trends circling the globe.

1. India: Limb Lengthening

This isn’t exactly what we’d consider “plastic surgery” or even “cosmetic surgery” in the U.S. but in India, limb lengthening surgery is certainly being performed for its cosmetic benefit: being taller. The procedure is still a bit contested and not very popular in the U.S., and we don’t particularly recommend it, either.

2. South Korea: Radical Facial Surgery  

As Business Insider reported, South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. It’s most popular procedures include double-eyelid surgery, which gives patients more of an eyelid crease, and facial surgery that gives more of a “V” shape to the patient’s chin. The procedure is hailed for giving faces a more delicate, or “cute” look.

3. Brazil: Butt Lift

Brazil is another country that is really popular for its plastic surgery — and it’s beautiful women. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of its biggest plastic surgery trends are Brazilian butt lifts! It’s safe to say these lifts aren’t only popular in Brazil though; we do them at our own office in Orlando at HZ Plastic Surgery.

4. Iran: Nose Job, or Rhinoplasty

Accentuating facial features is very popular in Iran as the face is often a big standard of beauty in the Iranian society. Nose jobs are not only popular in Iran though, they’re also very popular in the U.S. and in most other nations.

5. North America: Labiaplasty

For those who don’t know, a labiaplasty is a procedure that reshapes the labia majora and minora in order to give a more appealing contour to its overall shape. Many women choose the procedure because they feel embarrassed by their elongated vaginal “wings,” or it causes them discomfort during sex and/or exercise.

More Information

While these procedures are particularly popular in the aforementioned countries, most of them are also widely performed throughout the rest of the world. At our plastic surgery center in Orlando, we actually perform two of these surgeries in-house: Brazilian butt lifts and labiaplasties. If you are interested in learning more about these procedures for yourself, please feel free to book a consultation or give us a call today!