Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Fat Transfer

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Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and pinched your love handles or gripped your tummy roll, wishing that extra bit of fat was in your butt instead? You’re not alone. Many patients actually want to avoid implants and don’t realize there’s another option - Fat Transfer allows you to remove fat from your “problem areas” and add it to your buttocks, breasts, or face. So, let’s go over what you need to know about getting a fat transfer.

What Is A Fat Transfer?

A Fat Transfer is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses liposuction to take fat from your “problem” areas and add it to another area of the body that you feel needs volume, such as your face, hands, breasts, or buttocks.

Because the procedure uses your own body’s fat to provide extra volume, the chances of seeing adverse reactions are much lower. In fact, getting a fat transfer is a great alternative to silicone prosthetics or dermal fillers, and the results last longer!

How Does A Fat Transfer Work?

The way a fat transfer works is by performing a small-scale liposuction to remove fat from localized areas of the body. In all, the way the procedure works can be broken down into three main phases: “Harvesting”, “Purification and Transfer”, and “Placement”.

The “Harvesting” phase is the one involved in the collection of fat during a small-scale liposuction. To collect the fat, the surgeon will use a cannula (a thin tube) that is connected to a syringe. The procedure is so small-scale that it leaves minimal to no scarring.

The “Purification and Transfer” phase involves the preparation of the extracted fat cells to be reintroduced into the body. Before these can be reinserted, they are “cleaned,” usually through the use of a centrifuge, which spins the fat in a filtration process to remove impurities.

The “Placement” phase involves the reinsertion of the fat cells into the area of the body needing extra volume. This is done through small, repetitive injections throughout the area in order to achieve smooth, natural results.

Are You A Good Candidate For Fat Transfer Surgery?

A good candidate for fat transfer surgery is primarily someone who is in good health, and who is doing so for their own goals and not because of the influence of others. If you identify with any of the following factors then you may make a good candidate for fat transfer surgery:

  • You have enough fatty tissue to transfer

  • You wish to add volume to either your hands, breasts, buttocks, or face

  • You wish to decrease fatty tissue in another area of your body

  • You do not have any circulation problems due to a medical issue or smoking

  • You have realistic expectations of this procedure

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More Information

When you choose this surgery, make sure to have realistic expectations of the results. Whatever your expectations may be, talk about them to Dr. Z who will left you know if they are realistic, or if this procedure is the right one for your goals. While a fat transfer surgery is a great way to add some subtle volume to your breasts, face, hands, or buttocks, you may be looking for more obvious results, in which case you may be better off with a breast augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift. Before you decide, make sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Z!