Stomach Liposuction Live Walkthrough Experience

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Our goal is to ensure our patients feel educated and comfortable with their plastic surgery decision. One way we can help potential patients with their decision is to enable them to experience a day in the life of our patients. So, we've teamed up with Wankaego, an Instagram star and up-and-coming rapper, to document her journey and emotions throughout her liposuction experience. The result? A full-scale live walkthrough of a patient's pre-op experience leading up to her stomach liposuction and back liposuction. Enjoy!

Abdomen Liposuction Surgery Day Instagram Story Shout-Out

On surgery day, Wankaego arrived in a comfortable robe, accompanied by her fiance who would help get her home after the procedure was over. After a short time in the waiting room, Wankaego was shown back to her personal room and given instructions on changing, which included five items: a post-op gown, bra, underwear, compression stockings, and socks (pictured last). 

Stomach Liposuction Pre-Op Update 

Once Wankaego was changed and back in her room, our Patient Care Coordinator/Surgical Tech Frances Leonardo, placed Wankaego on an IV and gave her the pre-surgery "cocktail". Her liposuction would be done under local anesthesia (meaning she would be awake), so these medications are meant to make her drowsy and relaxed throughout the experience.

Stomach Liposuction Pre-Surgery Cocktail

Once she received her pre-op medications, there would be about 30 minutes before the medications took effect. During this time, Dr. Z began marking the areas which he would be conducting the liposuction on. After the patient was marked, she was able to sit back and enjoy Netflix while the OR is set up and the medications kick in. 

Once the medications kicked in, Frances checked on our patient to see how she was feeling and whether she was ready for surgery. Then she walked Wankaego to the operating room to perform her liposuction surgery.

More Information

It's not every day that we get to collect so much behind-the-scenes footage about what goes on before and after liposuction surgery, or any of our other surgical procedures. Wankaego was kind enough to let us showcase this process with everyone online that may be considering surgery. Stay tuned for more updates as she recovers! If you're ready to book your own consultation with Dr. Z, then schedule your consultation online here.