Brazilian Butt Lifts: The Benefit Of Fat Transfer Over Implants

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Brazilian butt lifts are becoming an increasingly popular procedure for lifting, rounding, and shaping the butt. The Brazilian butt lift uses a procedure called a “fat transfer”, which allows the surgeon to relocate unwanted fat from one part of your body into your buttocks. 

Chances are if you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift, you have a few questions about how the procedure works, the output, and why the Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular procedures in America. Below, we’ll answer some of your questions about the benefits of this fat transfer procedure over a traditional implant that hopefully help you make the decision on whether or not the Brazilian butt lift is right for you!

What is a fat transfer procedure?

A fat transfer procedure involves your surgeon performing liposuction on an area of your body with ample fat—for instance your back, stomach, or thighs—and relocating it to another part of your body, otherwise known as a fat graft. During a Brazilian butt lift fat transfer, the extra fat is added to lift and contour the butt. Technically the Brazilian butt lift is two aesthetic procedures built into one!

Why choose fat transfer over implants?

With a fat transfer, the chances of your body rejecting the fat are very, very low considering it comes from your own body, compared to if you elect to have implants added to the buttocks. It also looks more natural as the fat shapes to your body more seamlessly than an implant would.

By choosing a fat transfer procedure, you can also remove unwanted fat from your waist, which will help you to achieve the hourglass figure you’ve always wanted. Or perhaps slim down in another portion of your body that’s been bothering you, like your thighs or arms.

Who can get a Brazilian butt lift?

The ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift has a little extra fat somewhere on their body that can be removed and is interested in lifting and creating a rounder, fuller backside. You should be in good health. If you are a bit under the target weight for a fat transfer, your doctor may suggest you gain a little weight before the procedure and help you develop a diet to help you gain weight in a healthy manner.

How do I choose a surgeon?

Choosing your Brazilian butt lift surgeon is important. You should find a board-certified surgeon is experienced in this procedure. As with any surgery, there are risk factors associated, so it’s imperative to find a doctor you trust who has experience. If you are looking for a consultation for a Brazilian butt lift in Orlando, contact the specialists at HZ Plastic Surgery today to schedule your initial appointment.