Everything You Need To Know About Compression Garments

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If you’ve had or are about to have plastic surgery, your doctor may recommend compression garments as part of the healing process. Compression garments are an integral part of the post-surgery recovery process for many surgical procedures; however, they are often overlooked or misused. In this article, we will discuss compression garments, what you need them for, their proper use, how long you should wear them, and more.

What is a compression garment?

Compression garments are tight-fitting pieces of clothing that assist in the healing process after surgery. These medical-grade versions of compression garments are different from shapewear in that they are specifically designed to be used as a tool in recovery after surgery.

Why do I need compression garments?

Compression garments help to reduce swelling and pain immediately after surgery by keeping things from being able to “move around” - compressing the layers of skin so they can heal together correctly. They also assist in preventing the build-up of fluid, called seromas, which can lead to infection or other complications.

Types of Compression Garments

There are many different types of compression garments specially designed to help with healing and recovery for specific types of surgery. These include ultra-supportive bras for breast reconstruction, augmentations, and lifts, as well as girdles and bodysuits for liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, and more. There are also targeted compression pieces for arms and legs for specific surgeries like arm lifts or liposuction in the arms.

There are also different types of garments depending on the amount of time your surgeon suggests you wear it. Some are made for use immediately after surgery, while others are designed to be used 4-6 weeks after surgery and are less restrictive and more comfortable for everyday wear.

How long do I need to wear my compression garment?

The length of use will depend on what your doctor recommends and the type of surgery you’ve undergone, but it’s important to adhere to these recovery recommendations and be strict with yourself about wearing your compression garment for the allotted amount of time. With a tummy tuck, for instance, your surgeon may recommend wearing a compression garment for six to eight weeks, and failure to do so may negatively impact your final results.

How to Properly Wear Compression Garments

The first garment you wear immediately after surgery may feel a little inhibiting, especially if you’ve been asked to wear it at night as well, but we can’t stress enough the importance of sticking to your compression garment recommendations, as they help with swelling and overall healing after surgical processes. You’ll likely wear a thicker type of garment for the first few weeks that has a bit more hold, and then you may transition to a thinner, less tight option once the area you had surgery on has had more time to heal.

Your recovery can go smoother with a little help from proper use of compression garments. It’s imperative to stick to the recommended timeframe and regimen recommended by your surgeon to assist with swelling, infection, fluid build-up, and overall comfort. If you are looking for plastic surgery in Orlando, the board-certified specialists at HZ Plastic Surgery will help make sure not only your surgery goes smoothly, but that you recover in the best, safest, and most effective way possible.