An Inside Look At FTM Top Surgery: How The Procedure Works

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FTM Top Surgery is a gender reassignment surgery that removes breast tissue in order to reveal a masculine chest. By removing the breasts, patients can feel more confident - seeing their bodies as they perceive them and wish to be seen, which boosts emotional and psychological functioning. In this article, we will describe what FTM top surgery is, how FTM top surgery works, and the benefits of FTM top surgery.

What is FTM Top Surgery?

Plastic surgeons refer to FTM Top Surgery as “Transgender Mastectomy”. FTM Top Surgery (also known less formally just as “Top” surgery) is a relatively new procedure in which breast tissue is removed to create a more masculine chest area. It is most commonly used as a gender affirming or non-binary procedure and is the most commonly performed gender reassignment surgery for trans-masculine people. 

What happens during FTM top surgery?

There are a few different techniques that can be used to achieve a more flat, masculine, or male looking chest during an FTM top surgery. The most common techniques surgeons use are double incision, periareolar, and keyhole.

·Double incision: Double incision is typically recommended for people with larger chests. During this procedure, the nipples are removed, usually made smaller, and repositioned on the chest to create a more masculine appearance.

·Inverted T: This is also an option for those with larger breasts and extra skin. In this procedure the areola and nipple are kept attached to the skin, avoiding the necessity of a nipple graft. This procedure is ideal for those who wish to preserve nipple size and shape.

·Periareolar: Periareolar top surgery is typically recommended for people with small to medium chest sizes. During this procedure, an incision is made all around the border of the areola. Then a larger circular incision is made and the resulting ring of skin is removed.

·Keyhole: Keyhole top surgery is only recommended for people with very small chests and tight chest skin. Not many people are candidates for keyhole top surgery because no excess skin is removed. One thing to note is that the keyhole technique does not allow for the opportunity for the nipple to be repositioned on the chest.

·Buttonhole technique: The buttonhole technique creates an incision along the bottom of the breast. It allows for more breast tissue to be removed through the incision than the keyhole or peri-areolar methods and can preserve nipple placement and feeling.  

Benefits of FTM Top Surgery

The benefits of a surgery like this are far more than skin deep. Gender-affirming procedures give the patient a new outlook on life as they are now able to better align with the gender identity they feel connected to. Not only do patients experience an increased confidence, there’s comfort in knowing that their physical body finally matches what they’ve always known it should. For many trans people, the surgery can be an emotional ride from start to finish and it’s important to have a strong support system during this time.

If you are interested in FTM Top Surgery in Orlando, Dr. Z is one of the most experienced surgeons in the area for this type of procedure. Our staff understands the emotional journey that accompanies gender reassignment and want to assist you through your transition. Call us today to schedule your consultation!