5 Ways To Save For Your Dream Surgery

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It can be overwhelming when you see the cost of plastic surgery procedures, but don’t let that seemingly insurmountable number come between you and your dream procedure! It may not seem like it at first, but there are so many ways patients can tighten their financial belts and put aside money for that dream procedure. If you’ve been wondering how to save money for plastic surgery, you’re not alone. Saving up for that dream surgery can seem like a daunting task, but if you stick to these ways to save money then you’ll be able to schedule that plastic surgery procedure in no time at all!  

Money Saving Tip #1: Cut Out Extra Spending

Whether it’s your daily latte or your online shopping habit, most people have lots of excess spending areas that they can trim down. Next time you’re ready to pull into the Starbuck’s drive-through line, think about whether you’d rather have that cappuccino or a boob job and go on your merry way! $5 might not seem like a lot, but if you cut out your daily cup of Joe and put that money in your plastic surgery fund instead it will add up fast. Small daily, weekly, and monthly spends can really add up and once you see your saving fund amass more quickly, you’ll find it easier to save.

Money Saving Tip #2: Find a Financial Accountability Buddy

It can feel suffocating to have to manage every little finance on your way to saving for your dream surgery, however having a partner in your money-saving venture can make it less intimidating. Try finding an accountability buddy, someone who will slap your hand and say “no!” when you want to make that impulse purchase at Target that you definitely don’t need. Make a pact to help each other stick to your spending goals – it’s a win win!

Money Saving Tip #3: Spend in Cash

We’ve all fallen prey to the “I’ll just put in on my card” trap. The reality is that people who pay exclusively with cards are likely to spend more money than those who pay with cash, AND to bust their budgets in the process! Many people have success using the envelope method, which involves setting aside a certain amount of cash each week in an envelope and making all your purchases using just that money. This is a great self-restriction method – you have a finite amount of cash to use every week, and it forces you to prioritize your “needs” over your “wants” and say no to unnecessary spending.

Money Saving Tip #4: Move Your Savings Account

Did you know there are certain savings accounts where you can make money just by putting your money in them? By placing your savings in an account that accrues bonus percentages, you’ll reach your saving goals even faster!

Money Saving Tip #5: Finance Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Although plastic surgery is largely an out-of-pocket industry, there are several plastic surgery financing options available to patients – if you pick a plastic surgery office that offers them. At HZ, we offer a variety of plastic surgery financing options including Care Credit, 0% interest rate options, Layaway, and more so you can finance your plastic surgery instead of paying all at once.

Figuring out how to pay for your plastic surgery shouldn’t be the reason you don’t do it. With a little time, patience, and dedication to budgeting, anyone can save enough to afford their dream procedure! If you don’t want to wait, we provide flexible plastic surgery financing options so that the price tag isn’t keeping you up at night and you can focus on achieving your dream look.