Everything You Need To Know About An Upper Lift Lip

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When you think of lip enhancement, you probably picture injectable options to plump and add volume, but have you heard of a procedure sweeping the plastic surgery world called the upper lip lift? Lip lifts are becoming more popular as a way for men and women to achieve fuller and more defined lips. In this article we’ll dive into this procedure that more and more people are asking for by name.

What is an upper lip lift?

During an upper lip lift, your surgeon will shorten the space between the bottom of your nose and the top of your lip called the philtrum, which causes lips to look more enhanced and defined. A lip lift can work to alter the corners of your lips, diminish frowning, or shorten the distance between your upper lip and nose.  

Why get an upper lift lip instead of fillers?

Many people who choose lip lift over an injectable option because they are either tired of the upkeep of having to maintain their lip enhancement and want a more permanent option. Or they want to make sure that their lip enhancement procedure looks consistent every time. Also, if the space between your nose and lips is already long, fillers could result in the “duck lips” look where your upper lip pushes out instead of lifting up.

How is an upper lip lift performed?

During this procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia and should only take a few hours, your surgeon will essentially remove a wedge of skin between the nostrils and the upper lift. Your doctor is able to somewhat customize the results. You may want a more defined area below the nostrils, called the “Cupid’s Bow” or you might want subtler changes in the lips. Your surgeon will ask you what you want to achieve during your consultation, so be honest and candid about your goals for the surgery.

Who is a good candidate for upper lip lift surgery?

You are a good candidate for an upper lip lift if your lips aren’t symmetrical or are thinner than you desire, and there’s enough room between your nose and lips to be able to remove some skin. As mentioned above, most people who opt for an upper lip lift surgery do so because they are looking for a more permanent and consistent option to injectable dermal fillers that are most predominantly used for lip enhancements. Getting an upper lip lift as opposed to dermal fillers

How long is upper lip lift recovery?

Recovery time for this procedure is relatively minimal. You should be back to normal habits within three to five days.

How much does an upper lip lift cost?

A lip lift can cost anywhere from $3,000-$5,000, depending on where you live and the surgical center you choose to perform the procedure.

If you’re interested in a consultation for an upper lip lift in Orlando, call HZ Plastic Surgery today to discuss whether you are a good candidate.