3 Types Of Tummy Tucks To Fit Your Needs

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We all crave a firm, strong midsection but the sad reality is that slender, tight tummies are extremely difficult to attain. Even with diet and exercise, our abdomen muscles are just very difficult to tone, and if you’ve lost a lot of weight or have gone through pregnancy, then you know what happens to your skin.

Loose, saggy skin is totally normal after these experiences, but that doesn’t mean that you have to love these changes to your body. What’s worse, exercise doesn’t get rid of sagging skin most of the time. That’s where the tummy tuck comes in! No matter what state your tummy is in currently or what your vision of a perfect stomach looks like, there’s a type of tummy tuck that can help you attain it. Here are 3 types of tummy tucks you can get at HZ Plastic Surgery in Orlando.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that allows a plastic surgeon to tighten the muscles of the stomach, remove excess skin, and eliminate fatty deposits to reveal a flatter tummy. There are several types of tummy tucks, such as a mini tummy tuck or an extended tummy tuck. The type of tummy tuck your plastic surgeon recommends for you will vary based on your specific needs and goals. Many patients are unaware of the numerous options available to customize your results. So, we’re here to help you understand the various tummy tuck techniques.

Types Of Tummy Tucks

Mini Tummy Tuck

This procedure is for men and women with a small amount of belly fat that diet and exercise doesn’t seem to respond to. The ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck is a healthy, thin patient that wants to remove a little excess fat from their midsection. Dr. Z will remove excess skin and tighten the muscles, producing a smooth, tight stomach through a horizontal incision made above the pubic mound. The recovery time for this procedure is about one week.

Full Tummy Tuck

This procedure is for men and women with excess fat, stretch marks, or loose skin above and below your belly button. This type of tummy tuck involves a U-shaped incision on the pubic mound, which enables Dr. Z to tighten your abdominal muscles and remove excess fat to reveal a flatter stomach. Sometimes this procedure requires a second incision above the belly button in order to address excess skin.

The Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck is geared to men and women with an abundance of excess fat or loose hanging skin. The excess fat often extends from the tummy to the patient’s hips and sides of the lower back. In order to effectively target these areas, a long incision is made across the abdominal area. It reaches around the hips and lower back so Dr. Z can remove the fats cells and drain fluids. Once this is done the surgeon removes skin and tightens the muscles. This procedure requires a few days in the hospital. Recovery time will take about two to four weeks. 

Tummy Tuck Recovery

After surgery, Dr. Z’s staff will take you to the recovery room to supervise your progress. Some patients can go home in a few hours while others may have to stay for one or more days. A general rule of thumb regarding recovery time is that the more complicated the operation, the longer the recovery time. Dressing and bandages are applied to the incision and some patients are wrapped in a suppression garment that supports the abdomen and reduces swelling.

In some cases, small thin tubes may be placed under the skin to drain fluids and blood. When you go home Dr. Z will give you specific details on caring for your wounds. You may be given prescription medication for pain and swelling. He will tell you how long the recovery process will take and what you have to do during the process. Recovery takes one week to one month depending on the complexity of the tummy tuck. Strenuous exercise should be to be limited for about six weeks. 

More Information

Feeling confident enough to begin the process of getting a tummy tuck? Contact Dr. Z at HZ Plastic Surgery to learn more about which tummy tuck procedure is right for you. At HZ Plastic Surgery, we offer financing options through Care Credit and several other financing options in the event that the procedure is not covered by your insurance.