Everything You Need To Know About Body Contouring Treatments

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The prospect of undergoing plastic surgery to get rid of excess fat and tighten some problem areas is super exciting, but sometimes it’s just not realistic for certain people’s lifestyle. Surgery options like liposuction and tummy tucks take a lot of preparation and require downtime, not to mention their impact on people’s budget.

Just because you don’t have the time or the means necessary to undergo plastic surgery does not mean hope is lost! At HZ Plastic Surgery, we’re happy to offer an accessible, minimally invasive, non-surgical option to get rid of stubborn belly fat: body contouring treatments!

Why Try Body Contouring?

When our patients pick body contouring, they don’t have to sacrifice any of their body goals. In fact, body contouring treatments not only addresses body fat, it also helps tighten sagging skin and eliminates cellulite.

Another super convenient aspect of body contouring is how quick, simple, and painless it is! Whereas other treatments - such as liposuction and tummy tuck - require incisions and downtime for recovery, body contouring simply heats your problem area and the fat wastes away! Body contouring treatment sessions only take 15 to 30 minutes and all you’ll feel is a little heat and a light amount of tugging on your skin.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

Our body contouring treatments are carried out with a Venus Legacy™ machine, which is the most advanced system to non-invasively address your fat, cellulite, and sagging skin.

The way the Venus Legacy™ works is by using heat to naturally boost collagen levels and shrink fat cells, which in turn tightens the skin and smooths out cellulite.

Depending on the affected area, most patients are recommended to undergo 6 to 8 treatment sessions and for each session be scheduled a week apart for best results. That’s usually all it takes! Although, of course, individual cases may vary in the number of treatments they need. Seem too good to be true? See our body contouring before and after pictures of patients who’ve undergone the procedure!

How Long Does Body Contouring Last?

This really depends on the person receiving the treatment and what their body composition or lifestyle is like. Most people who undergo body contouring treatments see improved results for the next 3 to 4 months after the procedure. With a healthy lifestyle, body contouring results may last up to 10 years. We recommend that if the patients start to notice small changes, that they receive a follow-up treatment every 3 to 4 months to best preserve the initial results.

More Information

Want to learn more about body contouring and whether the procedure is right for you? Just pay us a visit at our plastic surgery clinic in Orlando. You’ll get to sit down with our members of our team who will run you through the entire procedure and give you a personal assessment.

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