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The Top Plastic Surgery Procedures In 2018

2018 was a huge year for plastic surgery, with large increases across the board in the number of procedures performed in the United States as well as worldwide. Of the almost 2 million procedures performed over the year, we will look at the most popular plastic surgery procedures of 2018 and share our predictions for trends in the New Year.

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5 Eyelid Surgery Recovery Tips

Recovering from an eyelid surgery is a little unlike the recovery process for other plastic surgeries, mainly regarding the length of the recovery period and the unique aspects of the procedure. Whereas for most procedures, recovery involves relaxing and watching TV, a blepharoplasty recovery is a tad more challenging. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get through the eyelid surgery recovery process:

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3 Of The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures For Men

Cosmetic surgery for men has greatly increased in popularity and it’s not just in the U.S., but around the world! We can imagine that number has only grown more since! If you’re a man who’s considering trying cosmetic surgery but isn’t sure which area to target, here are 3 of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men.

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