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Top 5 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal isn’t exactly a new thing, and we’re sure you’ve heard of it at some point, but it’s hard to grasp how many benefits you can reap from laser hair removal until you’ve tried it on yourself. Here are 5 benefits of laser hair removal that will make you love your body-hair-free life!

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5 Question About Laser Hair Removal Answered

Could flawless, fuzz-free skin be in your future this holiday season? Laser hair removal has been a growing trend over the last decade as a way to ditch the razor and waxing appointments for good. It’s become one of the most common aesthetic procedures in the country. Before you take the plunge into the smooth world of laser hair removal, you probably have some questions. Let’s answer some of the most-asked questions about the laser hair removal process. 

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Venus Legacy & Venus Versa: Quick, Noninvasive Procedures To Help Get Your Body Beach-Ready

Extra pounds aren’t anything serious, but still, they may not be your idea of bikini (or speedo) ready! So, why not stop in to our plastic surgery clinic in Orlando for a Venus Legacy or Venus Versa treatment that will give you the summer bod you’re hoping for? No recovery time needed. Here are 4 ways our Venus Legacy and Venus Versa procedures target each of your “problem areas” and give your whole body a brand new feel, one that makes you want to show it off!

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