Top 5 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

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Most ladies and many men have accepted shaving as a regular part of life, but imagine how much time you could save if you never had to shave again? We’re not saying to go all hairy into the world, on the contrary! Be hairless, without the need to shave.

Laser hair removal isn’t exactly a new thing, and we’re sure you’ve heard of it at some point, but it’s hard to grasp how many benefits you can reap from laser hair removal until you’ve tried it on yourself. Here are 5 benefits of laser hair removal that will make you love your body-hair-free life!

We’ve had quite a few laser hair removal patients over the years that came in unsure about whether or not it was right for them and ended up loving it. In our experience, here are 5 benefits of laser hair removal that will make you love your body-hair-free life!

1. Smoother Skin

Enjoying our smooth, silky skin is probably the highlight of a shaving experience, but how long does that last exactly? For many people, that feeling is gone by the following afternoon. This is because when we shave, we’re essentially just trimming back our hair from our epidermis (upper layer of skin). With laser hair removal, the light-based technology works to destroy the hair follicle under the skin’s surface, which stops it from growing. This way, you can enjoy truly smooth skin for time to come!

2. More Even Skin Tone

When we shave, oftentimes our skin can become damaged from scrapes and skin burn, and may even experience some inflammation. These factors can cause hyperpigmentation, which is when patches of our skin darken. Hyperpigmentation is commonly seen in underarm and bikini line regions, two areas patients usually get pretty self-conscious about. Avoid this altogether with laser hair removal. After a while, you’ll see your dark patches of skin returning to their normal pigment.

3. Fewer Ingrown Hairs

Anyone who’s ever shaved knows about the pain of ingrown hairs. Waxing and shaving often causes our hairs to curl back into our skin or grow in sideways, especially in sensitive areas such as bikini lines or underarms. If you have coarse or curly hair, you’re even more prone to ingrown hairs. Avoid this too with laser hair removal!

4. Time Saved

We’ve all experienced the pain of having to shave at the last minute, or taking forever in the shower, or picking long pants over a dress just because we forgot to shave. Shaving is a chore that takes up a lot more of our bathroom time then we’d like. When you get laser hair removal you can get back to what you want to do and forget about ever having to shave again!

5. No More Shaving!

If all of the other reasons haven’t convinced you, we think that the simple fact of just not having to shave, or buy razors for that matter, is enough to consider the benefits of laser hair removal.

More Information

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