Types Of Labiaplasty Surgery: Understanding Your Options

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Vaginal rejuvenation surgery, also known as a labiaplasty, is an exciting procedure that definitely requires careful consideration, given that it’s literally altering your lady parts. With so much on the line, this is a surgery you want to make sure you get right! We’re here to help that happen.

Getting the best possible labiaplasty results goes beyond choosing a great plastic surgeon — like board-certified Dr. Z — and going to an accredited clinic like HZ Plastic Surgery, it’s also about choosing the labiaplasty technique that will best achieve your desired final result.

If you’re considering getting a labiaplasty, here is everything you need to know about the three labiaplasty surgery techniques we offer.

Our 3 Different Labiaplasty Surgery Techniques

All of these labiaplasty surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures with only local anesthesia, and recovery only takes about 3 days. Here are the 3 kinds of labiaplasty surgeries you can choose from:

Labiaplasty Surgery #1: The Edge Technique

This labiaplasty technique focuses on perfecting the edges of the outer and inner labia. It removes any dark or irregular edges and “trims” the labia so that they are smaller. Many women prefer to trim the inner labia so that it is smaller than the outer labia and does not protrude. Other women prefer to trim the extra skin off the outer labia to prevent them from “hanging” or being enlarged, especially after childbirth.

Labiaplasty Surgery #2: The Wedge Technique

This labiaplasty technique removes a “wedge” (aka a triangular portion) of the middle third of the inner labia and then reconnects the upper and lower labia. This technique reduces the length of the labia that stretches from the clitoral hood to the vagina and reduces discomfort.

Labiaplasty Surgery #3: The V-Wedge Technique

This labiaplasty technique is performed on the outer labia, and much like with the wedge technique, the V-Wedge technique removes a “wedge” portion of the middle third of the outer labia. The upper and lower thirds of the outer labia are then reconnected, which shortens the length of the outer labia. This technique is especially helpful for women who feel that their outer labia “hangs” too much or are enlarged. Reducing the size of the outer labia minimizes excessive rubbing from clothing that can cause skin irritation and makes wearing tight undergarments more comfortable.

Still not sure which of these labiaplasty surgeries is the right one for you? The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Z and come by our plastic surgery clinic in Orlando. During your initial consultation, Dr. Z will be able to walk you through the surgery and suggest which technique is best for you based on your current structure and your ideal end result.