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Breast reconstruction is a type of surgery for women that have recently undergone surgery to treat breast cancer. The goal of this procedure is to recreate one or both breasts that were removed in order to restore the patient's breasts after beating cancer. There are numerous types of reconstructive surgeries available, but Dr. Z will determine which is right for you based on your current health, size and location of breast cancer, breast size, and your desire to match your breasts. Breast reconstruction can be completed through two different courses of action: inserting breast implants or using your own body tissue. This procedure can be performed immediately after undergoing a mastectomy, or it can be performed later on down the line. It depends on your current situation, as all breast reconstruction surgeries are highly individualized. Keep in mind, this procedure can require multiple procedures based on your condition. Speak with Dr. Z in order to learn more about your potential breast reconstructive surgery. Choose Breast Reconstruction in Orlando, FL with our board certified plastic surgeon.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is an option for women that have lost their breast tissue, usually after undergoing surgery to treat breast cancer. Typically, after a women has undergone a mastectomy, they are left feeling vulnerable as breasts are an aspect of femininity. If you have recently received a mastectomy or are going to undergo a mastectomy, you may be a good candidate.

Speak with Dr. Z to discuss your Breast Reconstruction in Orlando options as he will have to inquire about your medical history, family history, current condition, etc. Based on his professional opinion, he will decide which reconstruction options are right for you while explaining the risks, limits, and benefits of these options. 

Are There Different Options For Breast Reconstruction?

There are many options available, however there are two main options for breast reconstruction surgery: Implant insertion and flap reconstruction. Both of these options have their pros and cons, so it's important to be well informed. Typically, a tissue expander will be used to insert the implants in safely which can be appealing as it requires "less surgery" than lap reconstruction. Implant insertion also leaves behind fewer scars as it only requires one surgical site on the breast. 

Flap reconstruction reconstructs a patient's breasts by using their own body tissue. Consequently, this requires two surgical sites. Patients that choose this option are generally attracted to this because it reveals more of a natural feel/look to their original breast(s) than implant insertion does. 

Are There Risks Associated With Breast Reconstruction?

As with all surgeries, it is important to understand the risks and benefits of your options. Breast implant insertion's risks are the following:

  • Implants last around 10 years and may need to be replaced later on

  • Scar tissue can develop around the implant

  • Natural breast cannot be replicated

Flap reconstruction risks are the following:

  • Scarring at two surgical sites

  • Increased risk of infection compared to implant insertion

  • Decreased abdominal strength

  • Risk of hernias

  • Longer recovery time than implant insertion

How Long Is Recovery For Breast Reconstruction?

As this procedure is heavily individualized, your recovery time will depend on numerous factors. Typically, flap reconstruction surgery's recovery time is longer than implant insertion as it requires the recovery of two places on your body. As a general rule of thumb, patients are usually fully recovered after six weeks. However, this can vary greatly depending on your surgery, condition, and if you are choosing to undergo another procedure such as nipple reconstruction. Dr. Z will be able to give you an accurate timeline of your recovery as he will understand your exact condition and required surgery.

How Much Does A Breast Reconstruction Cost?

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