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What is a Face Lift?

A Face Lift is the most complex approach to correct facial wrinkles and sagging skin. Depending on your skin, a Face Lift can range from a minimally invasive lift (mini face lift) to a more elaborate surgery. Dr. Z will remove excess skin, tighten muscles/tissues, and adjust the skin to reveal a youthful face and neck appearance. A Face Lift addresses various areas of the face: mid-face sagging, deep creases in the lower eyelids, deep creases along the nose, loss of volume, and excess skin underneath the chin. Choose a Face Lift in Orlando with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Z.

Dr. Z's Face Lift Expertise:

HZ Plastic Surgery's board certified plastic surgeon wants to ensure that patients are fully informed about the procedure they are considering. Rather than hearing from friends or reading online, you can listen to a qualified, skilled plastic surgeon explain the procedure, technique, and recovery time. Listen to Dr. Z's answer all the most frequently asked questions about Face Lift surgery in Orlando.

Who Is A Good Face Lift Candidate?

Plastic surgery should always be a personal decision that is not influenced by the opinions of others. As with any plastic surgery, patients must always be in good health to be considered for this procedure. So, what makes a "good" candidate besides simply being in good health? 

  • Self conscious about your aging skin

  • Experience mid-face sagging

  • Your skin has dropped, but still has elasticity

  • Deep creases along the eyelid, nose, mouth

  • Hanging skin underneath your chin

  • You feel heightened anxiety about social situations due to your facial skin

How Long Is Face Lift Recovery?

Immediately after your procedure, you will be wrapped in a head dressing in order to optimize your recovery and provide your face the support it needs. Following your procedure, it is common to experience some swelling. However, this will subside quickly. Typically, patients are required to follow strict guidelines for the first 3 days following surgery. Within a week or so patients are usually back at work depending on their line of work. 

However, it is important to understand that your recovery time depends on the extent of your surgery and how your body responds to the surgery. Dr. Z and our staff will guide you through your recovery process. It's important to follow all of Dr. Z's instructions in order to ensure a healthy, safe, and cleanly recovery.

Are There Different Face Lift Incisions?

Yes, there are various incisions that Dr. Z will choose between based upon your unique face and needs. However, you will always have an incision around your ears when undergoing a Face Lift procedure. This usually runs along the hair line either in front and/or behind the ears. The more extensive the procedure is, the larger the incision will be.

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Traditional Face Lift: Dr. Z will make an incision at the base of your temples following your hairline and around the back of your ears into your lower hairline.

Limited Incision Face Lift: Dr. Z will create short incisions along the same pathway: at the base of the temple, around the ears, and into your lower hairline.

Neck Lift: Dr. Z will create incisions beginning at the front of your ears, around the back, and into the lower hairline. 

How Much Does A Face Lift Cost?

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