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Up to $440 Off Hair Removal Packages (Includes 8 Treatments)

Constantly having to shave can begin to feel like a nuisance over time. So, many people are turning to hair removal in order to have silky, smooth skin all year round without the added effort. Are you ready to feel confident in your own skin?

How Does Venus Versa's Hair Removal Work?

Venus Versa™ uses light-based technology to get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body. It works by destroying the hair follicle underneath the skin’s surface, which prevents it from growing. The result is smooth, hair-free skin. However, it's important to keep in mind this is not recommended for dark skin tones. So, why should you choose this treatment option?

  • Smooth, hair-free skin

  • Comfortable treatments

  • No downtime

  • Safe and quick treatment sessions

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most patients receive 8 treatments per area. Treatments are done 4-6 weeks apart for the face and 4-8 weeks apart for the body.

What Does Hair Removal Treatment Feel Like?

It feels similar to someone lightly flicking your skin as the applicator moves around the treatment area.

How Long Do Results Last?

It really depends on how your hair grows. Some patients may achieve permanent hair removal, while others can experience sporadic hair growth which may need touch-up treatments to maintain the hair-free results.

Can This Treatment Be Used On Darker Skin?

Venus Versa™ hair removal treatments work best for light to medium skin tones. The treatment may work on darker skin, but there is a higher risk of discoloration because darker skin has more pigmentation. It’s best to consult with the technician to see if this treatment is right for you. Our team will perform a test spot and wait between 15 minutes to 48 hours, depending on your skin tone, to assess your reaction to the treatment.

Does Venus Versa's Hair Removal Really Work?

We understand that patients want to see results from any treatment they are interested in trying. So, take a look at Venus Versa's hair removal before and after photos here.

How Much Does Hair Removal Cost?

Venus Versa
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Non-Member Price New Patient & Member Price Premier Price
Small Area Hair Removal (8 treatments): Nose, ears, nipples, or toes $480 $400 $400
Medium Area Hair Removal (8 treatments): Breast, hands, bikini line, feet, or underarms $1,000 $800 $760
Large Area Hair Removal (8 treatments): Full bikini, butt, upper legs, lower legs, upper arms, lower arms, upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders, full beard, or chest $1,800 $1,360 $1,000
Extra Large Area Hair Removal (8 treatments): Abdomen, full back, full legs, or full arms + underarms $2,800 $2,400 $1,840

Is Hair Removal in Orlando right for me?

If you are interested in finding out more about Hair Removal in Orlando, schedule a consultation with our Injection Specialist, Michelle Fletcher, at HZ Plastic Surgery today to discuss your specific needs.


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