"When I look at myself in the mirror now, I literally get teary eyed. I have curves finally!"

"First of all, let me say that Dr. Z and Frances are the most amazing people. Both of them are incredibly patient and answer any (and ALL) questions that you have without making you feel guilty for asking them. They are so kind, polite, funny, and professional to the point where I'd love to be best friends with them outside of their workplace haha. I received liposuction and I am incredibly pleased with the results so far. I have always struggled with feeling like a "box" and not having curves to the point where I'd only wear baggy clothes to the gym and never went to the beach/ pool. I felt huge around my friends and refused to go out because I felt so awful about myselt. I was never happy with my body which is why I decided to do this procedure. When I look at myself in the mirror now, I literally get teary eyed. I have curves finally! My stomach is flat and my waist is SMALLLL (exactly what I wanted). Words honestly cannot express how pleased and happy I am with not only the procedure, but with the results as well. If you have ANY doubts about choosing him, DONT! I will recommend him to anyone with full confidence." - De Ra

"Dr. Z has given me my confidence back."

"Awesome. Staff is Awesome, Francis awesome, Dr. Z awesome, the whole experience Awesome. Patient sweet and very informative. Dr. Z has given me my confidence back. For years I have not been able to be comfortable in my clothes yet alone my own skin. Sweats and baggy shirt were my favorite go-to clothes. Swimsuit was not even in my vocabulary. My past birthday I spent a week in Mexico, bikini style. I am so thankful for Dr. Z and his awesome team. Kisses!!!" - Cece

"He is not only a lovely person, but a true artist. I am over the moon with my results."

"OVER THE MOON HAPPY!! If I could give Dr Zekirovski and his team more than 5 stars I would. This amazing doctor exceeded my expectations. He is not only a lovely person, but a true artist. I am over the moon with my results. Enjoy my lengthy review, because he deserves it. I had been researching doctors for about two years and recently relocated from NYC to Orlando Florida area. I was lucky to find a fabulous Dermatologist to do my botox and fillers. She and I got to chatting and I asked her if she knew a great cosmetic surgeon. She has been a doctor in the Orlando area for over 30 years and has seen everyone’s work! She told me that she discovered an absolute ARTIST who was new to the area. She saw a few patients of his who had used him and she was extremely impressed....That says a LOT! I booked an immediate consultation and met the wonderful Dr Z! I was welcomed by his lovely staff who were some of the warmest, sweetest people you will ever meet. This says a lot about a professional, by who they choose to represent them. When my husband and I started chatting with Dr Z I knew immediately that he was the one. He had an ease of confidence without being arrogant, he was not at all pushy, he was patient, kind, and a nice sense of humor. It was like chatting with a friend. Very relaxed. One of the things that impressed me the most was when after I shared with him what I would like to improve, I ask his opinion if he thought I needed more, or anything else. He sweetly said that it was not for him to say. That he would never want to encourage or persuade someone to fix something that they didn’t already feel needed improvement. I LOVED that :) I immediately booked my surgery for 2 weeks from that day!!! Finally it was my turn. I arrived and the amazing staff were there to greet me and with big smiles and hugs. Frances (the most awesome nurse) got me all prepped and gave me my cocktail of pills to relax me as he was doing my procedure under local anesthesia. It took a while to get me sedated but they kept giving me more until I was good and comfortable. They asked me what music I liked and we started listening to Classic Rock and away we went! I felt absolutely nothing after he numbed me up, I could feel tugging and could hear some snipping, while he and Frances chatted and laughed, I was so relaxed and felt like I was in the best hands. He took his time and next thing I knew 4 hours had passed!! He was finished. I had minimal pain, I would describe it more like discomfort, but the meds helped a lot the first night. I could see the improvement in just 1 day - by day 3 I was literally over the moon!! I am absolutely blown away by my results and I am writing this review at only 4 days after surgery. I have very little bruising and his incisions are exquisite! I dare anyone to notice that I have had any work by the time they heal. I know I have given a long review, but I am just that HAPPY. I love Dr Zekirovski and love his entire staff 10 STARS!!!! (before and after photos to come)" - Deena M.

"I NEVER expected to look this amazing! I thought it could never happen to me."

"Dr. Z and his staff have changed my life. I was in a very dark place when I first went to see him. I was depressed, self-conscious, and really wasn't sure if I could ever feel beautiful again. I never wanted to leave the house or go shopping because I hated the way I looked. I was so nervous before my first consolation. But as I sat in his office and explained how I felt about myself, I felt he really understood my frustrations about my body. We moved into the next room where I was even more nervous to expose my body to this doctor. He made me feel so relaxed and at ease. Then as I showed him all the areas I hated, he explained how he could change them. I was still very skeptical, thinking to myself, "I'll never look as good as the other before and after photos." But I felt so comfortable with his staff and him, that I decided to go for it. Dr. Z wasn't pushy and wasn't trying to get the most money out of me. His philosophy is to start with lipo and see the results. Then, if needed, do a tummy tuck. Where most surgeons want to do both at the same time, when it's possible lipo would give you the results you are looking for. After having 2 sessions of lipo on my upper and lower abdomen, my hips, my waist, my back bra fat, my inner thighs, and my chin, I went from a size 18/20 to 12/14. The transformation is nothing short of a miracle. I NEVER expected to look this amazing! I thought it could never happen to me. But I'm here to tell you, it IS possible! You CAN have the body you've always wanted and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Z and his staff for changing my life! I feel like I was brought back to life. I want to go out all the time now and do things with my 3 yr. old. I want my picture taken every chance I get. I love to go shopping now! I have so much energy! So far I've lost 12 inches off my waist and I've dropped 30lbs. I went from frumpy to hot! Now I'm excited to turn 40 this year and I walk with my head up and shoulders back feeling amazing and confident! I owe Dr. Z and his staff everything for bringing back my self-confidence and making me feel beautiful again!" - Sarah S.

"Stop searching for a doctor, I recommend Dr. Z to everyone."

"My experience was amazing from the moment I enter Dr. Zekirovski office. The staff greeted me and my me feel welcomed. The consultation was very professional and warm, Dr. Z listened to me before saying anything. Then he explained how everything was going to be and exactly what he said he delivers. Dr. Z was my 3rd consultation and as you all can see, I finished with him. He understood me and knew want I wanted. I'm happy with my BBL. Stop searching for a doctor, I recommend Dr. Z to everyone." - Marisol M.

"I called at 2 am. Francis answered the phone right away and was ready to answer all of my questions and concerns"

"Dr. Z was the most amazing doctor! He takes his time, his staff is incredible. I received my surgery Nov 16 and I called the following day at 2 am. Francis answered the phone right away and was ready to answer all of my questions and concerns. I got a mini tummy tuck, lipo in my arms, upper and lower back, upper and lower belly and a Brazilian butt lift. I couldn't be more pleased with my fantastic results!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!" - Corina D.

"Moving forward from Mom bod to hot bod!"

"He’s such an amazing DR! I’m only 5 days out from liposuction, Brazilian butt lift redoing my boobs from two previous tries with another Dr. Dr Z even asked what else I didn’t like or wanted done.... I gave him a list I wanted my boobs too be lift and implants get rid of excess skin in tummy from liposuction done from previous Dr and wanted a Brazilian butt lift. When he looked at me and said Let’s do it!!!!! My whole world was changed upside down. I didn’t think twice about setting up my appointment!! Moving forward from Mom bod to hot bod! All I have to say is everything was well worth the wait! He has done amazing work and can’t wait to see my final results!!!! Thank you Dr Z for giving me the body I have always wanted! You and your staff are amazing, couldn’t ask for a better team!" - Kristin G.

"They make you feel like you're family!"

"Dr Z is fantastic! His staff was fantastic! They make you feel like you're family! I had kybella done. The procedure that melts away chin fat. The results are nothing short of AMAZING! I was very nervous at first but his caring and kind staff will ease your fears. Dr Z takes all the time you need to ask any questions and he explains everything. The results I got from my Kybella treatments far exceeded my expectations My double chin is gone for good! I also did botox and fillers and the procedure was easy and painless and the results are great! Thank you Dr Z and your knowledgeable, kind, caring staff! You're The Best!!" -Karin J.*

"He is very professional, caring, humble, and has the best prices!"

"Dr Z and his staff are truly AMAZING! He is very professional, caring, humble, and has the best prices! Also, his office is super stylish and neat. He took his time to explain the options to address my face/skin problems and answer all my questions. Always with respect and courtesy. ALL his staffs are outstanding; since the secretary to his manager. Especially his nurse, Frances. She is the most compassionate and kind nurse I have ever met! I cannot say enough about him and his team! Thank you Dr Z!" - C.*

"Dr. Z didn't make me feel like a number. I was a real life PERSON!!!"

"Hello Ladies and Gents!!! I'm excited to share my experience with Dr. Z and his staff. I had a wonderful procedure done 3 weeks post- Op. Dr. Z and his caring staff are wonderful people. They are caring and very supportive. I had a lot of questions, and all of his staff, took the time to answer them with patience. No one made me feel like I was being a bother. On several occasions, when I visited the office, Dr. Z was very professional and friendly. Dr. Z didn't make me feel like a number. I was a real life PERSON!!! I searched for a plastic surgeon on the internet and decide that I would narrow it down to Dr. Z and another surgeon. As you can see, I chose, Dr. Z. Great choice and I don't regret it!!!!!! Please if you're thinking about getting TLC and a upgraded body, LET THE LOCATION BE HZ PLASTIC SURGERY. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!!! Be Blessed." - Schrell B.*