"He is not only a lovely person, but a true artist. I am over the moon with my results."

"OVER THE MOON HAPPY!! If I could give Dr Zekirovski and his team more than 5 stars I would. This amazing doctor exceeded my expectations. He is not only a lovely person, but a true artist. I am over the moon with my results. Enjoy my lengthy review, because he deserves it. I had been researching doctors for about two years and recently relocated from NYC to Orlando Florida area. I was lucky to find a fabulous Dermatologist to do my botox and fillers. She and I got to chatting and I asked her if she knew a great cosmetic surgeon. She has been a doctor in the Orlando area for over 30 years and has seen everyone’s work! She told me that she discovered an absolute ARTIST who was new to the area. She saw a few patients of his who had used him and she was extremely impressed....That says a LOT! I booked an immediate consultation and met the wonderful Dr Z! I was welcomed by his lovely staff who were some of the warmest, sweetest people you will ever meet. This says a lot about a professional, by who they choose to represent them. When my husband and I started chatting with Dr Z I knew immediately that he was the one. He had an ease of confidence without being arrogant, he was not at all pushy, he was patient, kind, and a nice sense of humor. It was like chatting with a friend. Very relaxed. One of the things that impressed me the most was when after I shared with him what I would like to improve, I ask his opinion if he thought I needed more, or anything else. He sweetly said that it was not for him to say. That he would never want to encourage or persuade someone to fix something that they didn’t already feel needed improvement. I LOVED that :) I immediately booked my surgery for 2 weeks from that day!!! Finally it was my turn. I arrived and the amazing staff were there to greet me and with big smiles and hugs. Frances (the most awesome nurse) got me all prepped and gave me my cocktail of pills to relax me as he was doing my procedure under local anesthesia. It took a while to get me sedated but they kept giving me more until I was good and comfortable. They asked me what music I liked and we started listening to Classic Rock and away we went! I felt absolutely nothing after he numbed me up, I could feel tugging and could hear some snipping, while he and Frances chatted and laughed, I was so relaxed and felt like I was in the best hands. He took his time and next thing I knew 4 hours had passed!! He was finished. I had minimal pain, I would describe it more like discomfort, but the meds helped a lot the first night. I could see the improvement in just 1 day - by day 3 I was literally over the moon!! I am absolutely blown away by my results and I am writing this review at only 4 days after surgery. I have very little bruising and his incisions are exquisite! I dare anyone to notice that I have had any work by the time they heal. I know I have given a long review, but I am just that HAPPY. I love Dr Zekirovski and love his entire staff 10 STARS!!!! (before and after photos to come)" - Deena M.

dr z, FrancesMorgan Rudd