"THIS HAS BEEN THERAPEUTIC! I OWED THIS TO MYSELF! I highly recommend this facility to my Trans friends!"

“HZ Plastic Surgery has been a godsend from day one. I highly recommend this facility to my Trans friends! I love the petite front desk coordinator - she exuded this "warm caring mom vibe" which greatly calmed my nerves. And I love Frances - the patient coordinator/nurse - and that kickass hairdo of hers! She was effective in with all things! Don't let her looks fool ya, she's quite strong as well!

As soon as Dr. HZ and Frances stepped in the examining room, they didn't bat their eyelids after seeing all of my tattoos. Nothing fazed them, so I knew I was in the right place. I told them I no longer want to look like my sister as we both look a lot alike, and that I've always been in her shadow and I wanted to have my own identity, so... a couple of teeny tiny procedures later - and guess what? My chronic broken heart and physical pain elsewhere are gone! When I look in the mirror, I no longer see my sister staring back at me but a happier me instead.

FYI, I used my two-way communication device (*UbiDuo2) to communicate as I am Deaf-Mute. Dr. HZ always seemed happy to use it! He never appeared inconvenienced. He appeared really fascinated with how much it helped in assisting with the communication. THIS HAS BEEN THERAPEUTIC! I OWED THIS TO MYSELF!” - Libby L.

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