"I won’t let anyone else touch my face but Michelle!"

“I’ve been going to HZ for about a year now after bouncing from local offices to local offices in hopes of finding a skilled aesthetic Nurse Practitioner who can achieve my goals like Michelle does. I see Michelle for my filler and Botox. I can’t say enough things about how fun, talented and professional she is. The most important thing, she is honest. Rather than trying to sell a syringe of filler for $750, she evaluates your symmetry and determines whether it’s necessary or not. She’s honest and conservative in the sense that she will let you know if she feels it will be too much. She listens to your concerns and spends a lot of time with you. Prior to my last appointment I was most impressed with how humble she was. As a nurse myself, it’s rare to find a mid-level provider be humble enough to seek the opinion of the Doctor. This goes a loonnnng way in my book, especially considering this is elective and cosmetic. I was impressed that she sought the advice and opinion of Dr.Z prior to injecting my face. Again, impressed with Dr.Z as well. We all determined it was not necessary to perform filler in this area- my face wasn’t compromised and my wallet wasn’t either. In short, I think this is a phenomenal practice with incredibly talented staff who truly care about your aesthetic goals than financial gain. If you’re going to invest in yourself, invest in the right people as well. I won’t let anyone else touch my face but Michelle!” - Joy B.

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