What is Restylane Refyne?

Getting rid of laugh lines while maintaining a natural look has never been easier. Restylane Refyne is revolutionizing the industry as it temporarily softens laugh lines that form with age while maintaining your natural range of motion. This next-generation hyaluronic acid dermal filler is the only filler on the market that helps maintain natural expressions, so others won’t know you’ve had a touch up!

How Does Restylane Refyne work?

This dermal filler was masterfully designed with XpresHAn Technology and advanced gels to offer an unprecedented range of motion and flexibility. By adding volume to the patient’s face, Restylane Refyne easily smooths out existing folds subsequently getting rid of laugh lines.

Due to its unique formula, Restylane Refyne enables patients to retain their natural facial expressions – so, no need to worry about looking as though you’ve “had work done”. You don’t need to take our word for it though - view real patient’s before & after range of facial motions below.

How Long Do The Results Last?

In a clinical study, Restylane Refyne provided results that lasted up to one year. Another clinical study had patients share their perception on the “naturalness” of their facial expressions and they compiled the following data:

  • 97% were satisfied with their results

  • 97% would do the treatment again

  • 95% would recommend Restylane Refyne to a friend

Is Restylane Refyne Painful?

The mass majority of patients find these injections virtually painless--patients report that it feels like a little pinch. However, if you're nervous or scared of needles, you can request a numbing cream. Following your injections, it’s normal to experience bruising or swelling around the injection site.

Who Administers Restylane Refyne In Orlando?

You will be in the wonderful hands of our injection specialist, Michelle Fletcher ARNP, as she administers Restylane Refyne in Orlando at HZ Plastic Surgery. 

How Much Does Restylane Refyne Cost?

It's always important to weight out financial decisions, so how much does Restylane Refyne cost? This injectable is $700 per syringe and the amount of product you need will be dependent on your desired results.


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