What if you could see what your results would be
BEFORE your surgery?

HZ Plastic Surgery is proud to offer our patients the opportunity to do just that with Crisalix 3D. On your first consult, you can go over multiple options with Dr. Z and see what the differences are in real time! No more worrying if you made the right decision or hoping that the surgeon has the same idea of what your results should be. Bring your Virtual Me 3D model home to show your friends and spouse to help you decide which option, surgery, or size fits you best. Our office is also equipped with the 3D results simulator, which will let you try on your new body, face, or breasts using virtual reality!

How Does virtual me 3D work? (2).png

You can either take your own photos at home and generate your before model right away OR come into the office to have us build your 3D model in real time before you…

Come in for your consultation and discuss all of your options with Dr. Z. He will be able to show you, in real-time, what the potential results would look like for various sizes or procedures.

Try on your new body, face, or breasts in our office to see what you can expect after your surgery from a first person view.

Bring your options home and discuss with friends and family, then schedule your surgical appointment.

virtual me 3d in action

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a big decision in a patient's life as it affects their outward appearance. Virtual Me 3D enables patients to see how they would look after the procedure which allows patients to feel confident in their plastic surgery decision. Watch the video below to see Virtual Me 3D in action.