Everything You Need To Know About A Thigh Lift

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When it comes to getting plastic surgery, you want options, right? There’s no need to get a full-body procedure done when you’re only looking to target a very specific “problem area” like you thighs, for example. A lot of people experience discomfort because of sagging skin on their thighs, particularly those who have lost a lot of weight.

Part of the problem is that some parts of the body are just difficult - if not nearly impossible - to tighten. In these cases, a thigh lift is a great solution to regaining tighter, firmer thighs. If you’re considering getting a thigh lift, here’s everything you need to know about the procedure.

What Is A Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift, or a thighplasty, is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that reduces excess skin, tissue, and fat in order to reveal tight and toned thighs. This procedure is a great fit for anyone who has cellulite and sagging or excessive skin on their thighs that does not respond to exercise or diet. Depending on how much work your thighs need, Dr. Z may combine the lift with some liposuction to reduce the amount of fat cells in your thighs, while keeping your thighs proportionate to your frame.

How Does A Thigh Lift Work?

At HZ Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeon performs thigh lifts with a cannula, or thin tube, which is used to remove all of the fatty deposits and tissue from within the thighs.

There are two main incision types that Dr. Z may utilize, which may depend on the status of your thighs and your final goal.

  1. Inner Thigh Lift Incision: This incision can be performed several different ways:

    a. From the groin to the back of the thigh
    b. Small incision only in the groin area
    c. From the groin to the knee with an incision along the inseam of the thigh
  2. Outer Thigh Lift Incision: An outer thigh lift incision is sometimes used when the target area is the outer thigh. This incision extends from the groin, around the hip, and across the back.

How Long Is Thigh Lift Recovery?

Typically, thigh lift surgery requires a couple weeks of recovery before the patient is able to return to light activities and 4 to 6 weeks before a full recovery. As with any surgery, it is very important to follow the surgeon’s post-surgery instructions. Following the surgery, patients may experience some swelling and bruising, and they will require some assistance to perform regular activities. It is vital that patients get as much rest as possible and take it easy until the swelling and bruising subsides.

More Information

If you are considering undergoing a thigh lift surgery or if you simply want more information on thigh lifts, feel free to give us a call at our plastic surgery clinic in Orlando, or book a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Z!