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Upper lip lift shortening surgery is a procedure used to reduce the space between the bottom of a patient’s nose and upper lip (also known as the philtrum) while increasing the upper lip’s size. Many patients are bothered by the length of their philtrum due to a variety of reasons such as their upper lip covers too much of their teeth or they feel it makes them look more “masculine”. Others wish to undergo upper lip lift surgery because their lips are asymmetrical or they wish to achieve a permanently fuller upper lip.

How is an upper lip lift performed?

Upper lip lift surgery is performed under local anesthesia and should only take one hour. Dr. Z will essentially remove a wedge of skin between your nostrils and upper lip to enhance the position, size, and appearance of your lip. Dr. Z is able to tailor the results based on your individual needs - some patients may want a more defined area below the nostrils, called the “Cupid’s Bow”, or a more subtle change in the lips.

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Who is a good candidate for upper lip lift surgery?

Patients decide to undergo an upper lip lift for a variety of reasons. If you identify with any of the following, then you might be a good candidate for an upper lift lip:

  • You have an elongated space between your nose and upper lip

  • You wish to achieve a more “feminine” appearance

  • Asymmetrical lips

  • Thin lips

Why get an upper lift lip instead of fillers?

Many patients opt for an upper lip lift over injectables because they are tired of the upkeep required to maintain their lip enhancements, they want to ensure that their lip enhancements look consistent, or they simply want a more permanent solution. Additionally, if the space between a patient’s nose and lips is already naturally long, fillers can sometimes result in the dreaded “duck lips” look where your upper lip pushes out rather than lifting up.

How long is upper lip lift recovery?

Recovery time for this procedure is relatively minimal. You should be back to normal habits within three to five days.

How Much Does Upper Lip Lift in Orlando Cost?

If you're interested in financing an upper lip lift surgery in Orlando, we have five financing options for you to consider: CareCredit, HZ Plastic Surgery Layaway plan, Alphaeon Credit, LendingUSA, and United Medical Credit. 


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