Labiaplasty surgery has become increasingly popular as patients have realized they can actually take charge of their vaginal appearance and function which used to be out of reach. Dr. Z can perform a labiaplasty which reshapes the labia majora and minora which are the soft tissue "wings" on either side of the vaginal opening to reveal a tighter, fresher appearance. The labia majora and minora can become elongated for a variety of reasons whether it's simply genetics, age, or after child birth. Many patients with elongated vaginal "wings" can feel embarrassed or discomforted during sex and/or exercise. A Labiaplasty in Orlando is a great option for women after child birth, weight loss, aging, or injury who want to contour their vagina in order to achieve the look from before. Choose a Labiaplasty in Orlando.

Who is a good candidate for Labiaplasty?

Plastic surgery should always be a personal decision that is not influenced by the opinions of others. As with any plastic surgery, patients must always be in good health to be considered for this procedure. So, what makes a "good" candidate besides simply being in good health for a Labiaplasty in Orlando? 

  • If your labia majora and minora have elongated over time
  • You've noticed a change in appearance after childbirth 
  • After weight loss you are dissastified with the appearance of your vagina
  • You feel self conscious about the appearance of your vagina
  • You wish to have a sleek, more refined shape to your vagina
  • You have realistic expectations going into surgery

How long is Labiaplasty recovery?

Recovery from Labiaplasty surgery is minimum, usually patients are able to resume normal activity the third day after surgery. It's normal to experience swelling or soreness after the surgery, but this will subside quickly.

However, it is important to understand that your recovery time depends on the extent of your surgery and how your body responds to the surgery. Dr. Z and our staff will guide you through your recovery process. It's important to follow all of Dr. Z's instructions in order to ensure a healthy, safe, and cleanly recovery.

Can I finance this Labiaplasty in Orlando?

If you're interested in financing your Labiaplasty in Orlando, then you're in luck. We have two options for you to consider:

Option 1 (Patient Favorite): At HZ Plastic Surgery, we offer a layaway plan to ensure our patients can get the procedure they want. Simply put down a $500 deposit within 30 days of receiving your quote to lock in the rate and set your payment amount and frequency. After your balance is paid in full within 4 months, your surgery date will be scheduled with our team.

Option 2: In order to ensure patients are financially supported when choosing surgery, we have partnered with United Medical Credit. By doing so, our patients can get the procedure they want, with payments they can afford! Submit your application today.


If you're considering a Labiaplasty in Orlando, schedule your one-on-one consultation with our chief plastic surgeon, Dr. Z.

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