WHAT IS radiesse?

Radiesse is an FDA approved wrinkle filler that is used to smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles by adding volume to the face. You can target various "wrinkle areas" such as smile lines, creases near your chin, corners of your mouth, and more. Radiesse's aim is to smooth facial wrinkles, but it is the only FDA approved solution for correcting volume loss in the back of patient’s hands. 

HOW DOES radiesse WORK?

Radiesse is made up of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres within the gel. This subdermal implant can immediately work to add volume to the skin by releasing CaHA into the injection site, subsequently smoothing wrinkles. Over time, your body will metabolize the CaHA leaving behind your own natural collagen. Radiesse stimulates your body's own natural collagen production which dually combats forming wrinkles. Radiesse starts it's work immediately, but continues to create long term effects.


Radiesse is a unique filler as it may not only provides immediate results, but also works to provide long term effects. As mentioned above, once injected it works to immediately smooth out wrinkles while also encouraging the natural production of collagen. Typically, results can last anywhere up to a year. However, every patient is different and results may vary.  

IS radiesse PAINFUL?

As with any injection, patients can report feeling pain. However, at HZ Plastic Surgery, we use advanced techniques to ensure as minimal discomfort as possible. If you're scared of needles or simply feel uncomfortable with the injection, you can request an anesthetic (numbing cream) to aid any discomfort. 


We understand that patients want to see results from any product they are interested in trying. So, take a look at Radiesse's before and after photos here.


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