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If you're considering plastic surgery in Orlando or non-invasive products to achieve your desired look, then set up an appointment with HZ Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Z is a board certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in Orlando, FL. His compassion, surgical skill, and eye for aesthetics creates the perfect mix for an ideal plastic surgeon.

Who We Are

HZ Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgery center in Orlando, FL. Our team consists of a board certified plastic surgeon, nurses, and beauty therapists. We use the latest research, products, and technology to provide you with the most up-to-date techniques in surgical and non-surgical procedures. From your first consultation Dr. Z, an Orlando plastic surgeon, and our professionally trained staff will guide you every step of the way to provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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custom fitted body-shapers

Say goodbye to one size fits all surgical garments. Following your procedure, you're going to want to feel comfortable in your garment which is why we've partnered with Femine Custom Body Shapers. Femine will fit a custom body shaper to you and adjust the garment throughout your recovery process as your swelling goes down. This eases discomfort as the body shaper will be altered to YOUR body. No more one-size fits all!

A Look Inside HZ Plastic Surgery

We believe our patients should feel as comfortable as possible throughout their entire plastic surgery journey. HZ Plastic Surgery's office has a clean, beautiful atmosphere that allows patients to feel at ease from start to finish.