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Our Product Overview: Botox, Juvederm, & More

At HZ Plastic Surgery, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with invasive options in order to achieve their desired results. So, we decided it was imperative to offer top of the line products to our patients that deliver incredible results. We hand selected non-invasive options in order to adhere to any of your potential needs: eliminating moderate to severe facial wrinkles, adding volume to the back of your hands, and even lengthening eyelashes. 

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5 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Once you begin considering plastic surgery, typically you start searching the internet for any information you can find on your desired procedure. However, you'll soon realize (if you already haven't) that credible information is hard to come by. So, you should start preparing questions to ask a trained plastic surgeon during your consultation. But, what should you ask? 

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HZ Plastic Surgery: Who We Are & What We Offer

HZ Plastic Surgery is devoted to enhancing and rejuvenating your natural beauty while utilizing top of the line products and cutting edge techniques. Due to our dedication to delivering quality care, you can expect to see beautiful results that will make you feel more confident in your own skin. Our chief plastic surgeon in Orlando has the ability to provide patients with the expert care needed to change their lives. HZ Plastic Surgery specialize in a wide range of cosmetic procedures for enhancing the body, breast, and face. Here’s a few of our most popular procedures:

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